You are buying a pre-viewed, ORIGINAL VHS World Wrestling Federation (WWF) video, WWF The Three Faces of Foley.

Narrated by Jim Ross, with Mick Foley hosting he joins the Hardy Boyz (before they enjoyed the stardom they currently enjoy) and discusses some of his favourite and not so favourite moments, including World Championship Wrestling (WCW), dicussing how Jim Ross brought him to both WCW & the WWF, and their longtime friendship.

The video mainly spotlights the most popular of the WWF's creations for Foley, and Mick's personal favourite character, Dude Love. Foley's famous teenage video debuting the Dude Love character is shown, along with the famous roof drop from the tape that inspired countless backyard wrestlers.

Before backyard wrestling was even called such, countless kids held pretend matches in their bedrooms or yards, and Foley's tape became in instant underground hit that fell into the hands of famous WWF wrestler Dominic DeNucci, who offered to train Foley.

It was during his first stint in WCW that he met his long time friend and frequent opponent, Terry Funk, who initially hated Cactus Jack. Of course, later, after spilling much blood together, the two became fast friends and frequent tag team partners. Foley admits Funk is his idol, although he candidly admits that his wife (one of the original Dude Love "Dudettes") would much rather his hero be 80's prelim wrestler Iron Mike Sharpe ("Canada's Greatest Athlete") than a man called a "hardcore icon".

In the WWF, Foley, this time as Cactus Jack, would team with Funk, then called Chainsaw Charlie, and they would feud for the WWF Tag Team Championship with the New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg Jesse James & "Badd Ass" Billy Gunn.)

There is the final portion of Mankind's sit-down interview with Jim Ross, where Mankind explains the motivation of all of his personas, from Shawn Michaels being the actual inspiration for Dude Love (the guy that got all the women) to Mankind & Cactus Jack (bleeding and taking pain for a living). At the close of the interview, initially conducted on Raw, Mankind would attack Ross, applying the Mandible Claw.

Footage of Mankind's most memorable match in the WWF is shown, the famous Hell In A Cell match at King of the Ring 1998 on June 28 from Pittsburgh, PA (available from us). The Northeastern region has long been home to some of the most bloody and violent matches as well as some of the most bloodthirsty fans, and while not a particularly violent or bloody match, the physical punishment taken in this match filled the tastes of fans.

For inspiration, Foley studied the tapes of the first Hell In A Call, at Badd Blood 1997, six months prior. Foley knew he needed to do something memorable to top the match Michaels put on. Once again, Foley turned to long-time friend Terry Funk for aid. It was Funk who suggested they start the match on top of the cage, after seeing footage of the original match with Foley. Foley shares some of his thoughts about the match that he had while the match was in progress, such as the first thing that he thought when he came flying off the top of the cage (he felt the table was awful small for a big guy like himself, and considers himself fortunate he didn't land on any monitors). Also, both Undertaker and he were concerned when they were battling atop the cage and it began to sag, since both men believed the cage was much sturdier considering the punishment the cage took during Michaels match. Of course, Foley's story is illustrated by footage of the match.

As Cactus Jack, he discusses the return of Cactus Jack to the WWF, his cage match with members of DX (DeGeneration X), and their ganging up on him, and the retirement of the Cactus Jack character when fans chanted for Austin when Cactus was getting ganged up on & beaten.

Now, as Dude Love again, he talks about how Vince McMahon came across his famous home video many years after Foley's arrival in the WWF, and encouraged Foley to actually become Dude Love as a permanant character. Certainly, the look was inspired by the famous 60's DJ, Wolfman Jack, not to mention the Dude's catch phrase, "Oww! Have Mercy!".

He talks about the Dude's first appearance on WWF TV, coming to the aid of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin against the team of the late Owen Hart & British Bulldog, and their subsequent championship win.

Foley admits the character was corny, and figured that in a federation full of "tough guys", he would be the "anti-tough guy", figuring, in his own words, he "had the market cornered on stupidity".

Finally, Cactus Jack returns to the WWF responding to the challenge of Triple H in a fantastic segment leading up to Royal Rumble 2000 where all three "faces of Foley" appear in a the same video segment, introduced by Dude Love, just prior to Cactus Jack making his return! Footage of the Cactus Jack/Triple H feud is shown here, as well.

Video and box are both in excellent condition from private collection.

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