On Hold 1 year old Dewberry plant, 6-12" tall, sent with roots wrapped in moist media

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Dewberry plant
1 year old plant

Plants sent with roots wrapped in wet media! Plants are 6-12 inches tall from the soil line.
Rubus trivialis Michx.
Dewberry, Southern dewberry
Rosaceae (Rose Family)
Synonym(s): Rubus carpinifolius, Rubus continentalis, Rubus mississippianus, Rubus okeechobeus,Rubus rubrisetus, Rubus tallahasseanus, Rubus trivialis var. serosus
THE DEWBERRY is closely related to the blackberry having a root that lives for many years and a top that lives only 2 years. Like the blackberry, it bears fruit upon last year's canes, which die soon after they have fruited. It is distinguished from the blackberry in having canes that trail on the ground, while those of most blackberries are upright. From this habit it receives the name " trailing blackberry which it actually is. In the wild state the canes of the dewberry form new plants by rooting at the tips, while blackberries propagate themselves chiefly by suckers. Further, the dewberry fruit clusters are small and open, while the blackberry clusters are usually rather dense. The fruit of the dewberry is similar to that of the blackberry, but because dewberries ripen earlier than most true blackberries their culture has proved profitable in many sections. Because the canes of the dewberry trail on the ground instead of growing erect, as do those of true blackberries, the methods of raising these fruits are very different.

Dewberry (Rubus spp.), a hybrid type of blackberry, naturally trails along the ground, making its berries difficult to access. Dewberry fruiting canes are often tied to a wire trellis to keep them off the ground and make fruit more accessible. Each year, dewberries and other blackberry varieties produce new, non fruiting canes called primocanes. During the following growing season, the primocanes become fruit-bearing floricanes, which bear fruit for one season and must be removed to make room for the new floricanes. Frost-sensitive dewberries grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 9.

Plants are dormant until April. Shipping it without leaves, dormant during November -April. Plant will be sent bare root with roots wrapped in wet media such as wet newspapers and/or shredded papers/wood shavings. Sending it in the box. After they start growing they will be planted in small plastic containers and shipped in it.
Quick shipping methods will keep plants in the best shape for its trip across the country.

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I prefer to ship on Mondays or Wednesdays. Shipping with tracking number in USA. 1 year old Dewberry plant, 6-12" tall, sent with roots wrapped in moist media Tags: seedling,plant,tree,dewberry,Rubus,trivialis,Southern
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