Gold Green Tara Thangka Tanka Painting Nepal Art

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This is a beautiful cosmic Green Tara Thangka Painting fron Nepal. I brought it back with me from my last trip there knowing that someone would love to have it. I love the details of the Tara in this painting. A mixed 14 K gold paint was used as an accent.

Some history of the Green Tara:

Tara represents the entire enlightened activities of all Buddhas and hence she is called the mother of the Buddhas of three times. It is said in a sutra that Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva saved and ferried countless suffering beings over from the sea of birth and death. One day, when Avalokiteshvara looked at the misery of the world, he shed tears from his eyes out of great compassion. The tears turned into a lotus flower from which appeared a white and green Tara who said to him, “Please don’t be sad. We’ll assist you in liberating living beings, although they are countless in number, the power of our vow is also immeasurable.” Since then they have been liberating countless numbers of living beings every day. The name of Tara was thus known to all buddhas in the ten directions.

Green Tara appears as a young beautiful maiden. Her body is green in color. She has one face and two arms; she wears a crown bedecked with five Buddha images. She wears all kinds of bodhisattva ornaments studded with jewels and celestial garments of varied color. She sits on a lotus throne in lalita attitude in half-lotus posture. Her left hand shows the gesture of refuge vows and in her right hand, the varada mudra, because she is quick to answer the petitions of those who seek her aid. Tara is known as the great liberator from eight kinds of danger or fears. The cultivation of Tara sadhana will eliminate all demoniac and karmic obstacles, eradicate disaster and lengthen one’s life span.

To paint a Thangka it may take the artist several weeks to a month or more. Not only is this a way for the artist to make a living for themselves and their family, but it is also part of their spiritual practice as well. That is how they accomplish such great achievements. The belief that even looking at a Thangka painting can bring one merit further inspires their conviction to help humanity. It is truly a noble endeavor for the artists to offer us such incredible works of art for very reasonable prices.

No real no noticeable flaws. The canvas is in very good shape as well.

Size: 18.5" tall and 14.5" wide ( 47 cm tall and 36.8 cm wide ) including border. 16.7" tall and 12.7" wide ( 42.4 cm tall and 32.3 cm wide ) excluding border.
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