You are buying an ORIGINAL shoot interview featuring Cowboy Bob Orton, father of current World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) SuperStar, Randy Orton and opened up about his entire career from growing up the son of a wrestler to being one of World Wrestling Federation (WWF)'s top stars during the 1980's wrestling boom to working everywhere from American Wrestling Association (AWA) to Alabama to the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) to Japan to World Championship Wrestling (WCW) to watching his own son become a wrestler, Orton has been through it all.

Orton talks about the following, plus more:

  • Growing up with his dad as a wrestler.

  • Did his father encourage him to enter pro wrestling?

  • His training.

  • Was his path into wrestling similar to his son Randy?

  • His initial feelings upon entering wrestling.

  • Early work in Alabama.

  • Protecting kayfabe in the old days.

  • How close was he to his father?

  • Jumping from the Fuller's territory in Alabama to the Poffo's (run by Randy Savage's father) Florida territory.

  • Memories of Randy Savage back then.

  • What was the war like between Poffo's Florida territory and Jerry Lawler's Memphis territory?

  • Working for Joe Blanchard (father of founding Four Horsemen member, and formerly one-half of the Brainbusters in the WWF) Tully Blanchard.

  • The push Tully Blanchard got back then.

  • Working for Antonio Inoki in Japan.

  • How did he come up with the superplex?

  • Getting hired by WWF.

  • His thoughts on Vince McMahon.

  • The feud vs. Jimmy Snuka and Tonga Kid.

  • What was Andre The Giant like?

  • Was he disappointed he didnt have a match on the first Wrestlemania?

  • What was it like working Wrestlemania 3?

  • Was there a lot of competition in the WWF locker room back then for the top spots?

  • Memories of his matches vs. Ricky Steamboat.

  • Orton discusses leaving the WWF.

  • Going to Japan with Scott Hall and Dick Murdoch.

  • His feud vs. Dick Murdoch.

  • His short run in AWA working for Verne Gagne.

  • Working with Wahoo McDaniel.

  • Thoughts on his short run in WCW.

  • What were Terry Funk and Ric Flair like?

  • How did the WCW locker room compare to the WWF locker room.

  • What were the younger guys like Sting, Lex Luger and The Steiners like towards the veterans?

  • Working for Herb Abrams' version of the UWF.

  • Orton talks about the AWF and the Heros Of Wrestling PPV.

  • What advice does he give his son now?

  • Does he have any regrets?

  • Orton talks about himself as a worker and the modern era.

  • What does he think of veterans trying to hang onto their spot?

  • Orton discusses his problems with alcohol and pills plus drug use in the business

Plus, Orton talks about the many wrestlers he met and worked with in his time, including Ronnie Garvin; Buddy Landell; Boris Malenko (father to former WWF/WCW star Dean Malenko); Bill Watts; Ole Anderson; Paul Orndorff; Kerry Von Erich; Jake Roberts; Junkyard Dog; British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith/Dynamite Kid); Tito Santana; Don Muraco; Hillbilly Jim; Adrian Adonis; Greg Valentine; Jack and Jerry Brisco; Ricky Steamboat; Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant; Johnny Weaver; Harley Race; Roddy Piper; and more. He also shares plenty of stories from the road.

Naturally, Orton talks a lot about his son Randy, who is currently under a WWE contract.

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