On Hold Leah Cot Aprium Interspecific Apricot, grafted 1 year old plant

Up for sale one Leah Cot Aprium Interspecific Apricot, grafted 1 year old plant

Plant is about 8-14 inches high, roots wrapped in wet media such as wet wood shavings and plastic during dormancy period October through April. During summer shipped in plastic container with soil. Shipping in the box.

Semi-dwarf on Marianna 2624 root stock

Leah Cot Aprium
An apricot, plum hybrid that is more towards the apricot side of the spectrum. Leah Cot Aprium produces very large fruits that are deep orange inside and out and taste like an apricot with just a hint of plum flavor and larger size. Ripens early July in Oregon and a good choice for cooler climates where late frost can be an issue.

Latin Name: Prunus salicina x Prunus armeniaca
Site and Soil: 1/2 day to full sun and well-drained soil.
Pollination Requirements: Self-fertile
Hardiness: Plums are hardy to minus 30° F.
Bearing Age: 2-3 years after planting
Size at Maturity: 10-15 ft. in height.
Bloom Time: Early April
Ripening Time: Early July
Yield: 50+ lbs.
Pests & Diseases: Our plums are not bothered by pests. Bacterial Canker can occasionally damage trunks or branches. Symptoms of this disease are exudations of amber-colored sap. Spraying lime-sulfur or copper in the fall and early spring can help control Bacterial Canker.
USDA Zone: 4-9
Sunset Western Zone: 2-12, 14-18
Sunset Northeast Zone: Not stated

Leah Cot Aprium®, an interspecific apricot, includes apricot and plum in its parentage.

It is recommended to pot it or plant it in open ground promptly as you receive it if received in early spring. If received during June-August - keep it in the received container, do not disturb the roots during active vegetation.. Keep roots moist all the time. Plant will be sent secured in the box. It has developed good root system and ready to be transplanted to the permanent location.

I prefer to mail plant material on Monday or Tuesday (Rather beginning of the week) - only to assure that it will not sit on a shelf in the post office over the weekend. Please check your State local laws for plants entry. Due to U.S.D.A. regulations, some plants cannot be shipped to TX, FL, AZ, HI, CA, Puerto Rico. We will not be responsible for confiscated items while being shipped. Quick shipping methods will keep your tree in the best shape for its trip across the country. I ship items after payment is received. Feel free to ask me any questions about this item. I am always glad to help you. Shipping with tracking number in USA. International buyers - contact me first as plants need to be cut shorter so we could arrange on how to ship them. Leah Cot Aprium Interspecific Apricot, grafted 1 year old plant Tags: plant,live,dormant,grafted,delicious,fruits,Aprium,Interspecific,Leah,Cot,Apricot
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