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Medical organization recipe book cookbook of favorite recipes compiled by Woman’s Auxiliary to the Luzerne County Medical Society, 130 S Franklin St, Wilkes-Barre, PA Pennsylvania. Cookbook also includes names/recipes by non-PA affiliate contributors … CA, IA, KY, LA, MD, NH, NY … also includes other PA towns/cities in addition to Luzerne County. It’s dated 1955 - 1956 by President Mrs Edward B Janjigian in her Foreword (see image), measures approx 5-1/2”x 8-1/2” with 74 pages bound by 3 small round wire closures, including Table of Contents but no Index because I think this cookbook was handmade & gives no printing/publisher credit. Cookbook is full of typed-format recipes, one-sided, appearing on right side of binding with no illustrations or advertising fillers. There are approx 200 recipes and 125 unique contributors, you KNOW there is a good variety of MANY good recipes!

To reduce 13,000 characters to 10,000 allowed, the following were abbreviated or omitted in the Contributors section:
American Psychiatric Association=APA
Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania=MSSofPA
Woman’s Auxiliary to the American Academy of Neurology=WAAAofN
Woman’s Auxiliary to the American Medical Association=WAAMA
Woman’s Auxiliary to the Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania=WAMSSofPA
ALL Names are preceded with MRS

A J Abbott - Custard Pie
Kenneth Appel, Philadelphia, Wife, Past President APA - Spiced Cookies
Robert Armen - Barbecued Hamburg, Fruit Salad Dressing
W Wayne Babcock, Philadelphia, Founder, WAMSSofPA - Molded Fruit Salad
Robert F Babskie, Treasurer - Onion Bread
Edwin C Bahnmiller - Fried Chicken
Clark Bailey, Harlan, Kentucky, 3rd Vice President, WAAMA - Corn Pudding
Vincent W Banick - Ham Bone Pea Soup, Peanut Butter Bread, Custard Cornstarch Pudding, Carrot Cookies, How to Repair Box of Ballet Toe Shoes Household Hint
J R Beaver - Sponge Cake, Honey Nut Brownies
Edward C Beckley - Hamburger de Luxe
Gordon Bell - Meat Loaf
Rufus W Bierly, Luzerne County Public Health Chairman, WAMSSofPA - Egg-Cheese Casserole, Pineapple Cookies with Filling, Pralines
Malcolm J Borthwick - Scotch Short Bread
Hugh Boyle - Pecan Balls
James W Boyle - Chicken Casserole
Joseph Bruno - Minestrone, Dessert Cheese Cake
Joseph T Buckey - Corral Potatoes, Western Lima Beans, Macaroni Salad, Glorified Sunshine Cake with Filling, Lattice Cookie Squares with Assorted Optional Fillings
Lewis T Buckman, Wife, Past President, MSSofPA - Boiled Salad Dressing Carl Burkland, Carmichael, California, Constitutional Secretary, WAAMA - Sauerbraten Roast with Potato Pancakes, Potato Pancakes
John L Carey - Nut Wafers Cookies
Peter Casterline - Fish A La Italiano, Polishing Silver or Brass Household Hint
L M Cattanach - Veal Casserole Macsherry
Walter H Caulfield, East Stroudsburg, 3rd District Councilor, WAMSSofPA - Swedish Cookies
X K Collmann - Brownies
William H Conyngham - Black & White Cream
Albert F Cooper - Squash Pie
John J Cotter - Frozen Fruit Salad
Paul C Craig, Wyomissing, Berks County, PA, First Vice President & Past President, WAAMA - Auntie’s Oyster Patties, Maryland Corn Pudding, Chocolate Roll
Alfred W Crozier, Pittsburgh, President-Elect, WAMSSofPA - Rainy Day Fun for Children Household Hint (won $25 bond on monthly radio contest for this hint!)
Thomas Dailey - Wacky Cake
S M Davenport - Peanut Butter Drop Cookies
George B Davis - Cheese Souffle, Asparagus Casserole, Lime-Pineapple Salad, Coffee Cake, Butterscotch Brownies
John A G Davis - Spoon Batter Bread, Candle Wax Removal from Linen Household Hint
Edward P Dennis, Erie, Public Relations Chairman, WAMSSofPA - Hot Clam in Chafing Dish, Cuban Chicken & Rice
John C DeSanto - Jelly Nut Cookies
John H Doane, Wilkes-Barre, Past President, WAMSSofPA - Cranberry Ice Mousse, Lemon & Banana Mousse
Albert F Doyle, Johnstown, Past President, WAMSSofPA - Toffee Nut Bar John Drapiewski - Meat Loaf, Gravy for Meat Loaf
Joseph Drapiewski - Russian Tea Cakes
J Frederic Dreyer, Allentown, Past President, WAMSSofPA - Fudge
Joseph Dreier - Low Calorie French Dressing
Frank P Dwyer, Renovo, 1st Vice President, WAMSSofPA - Frozen Fruit Salad
V P Edwards - Salmon Loaf
Elijah M Ellsworth - Lemon Angel Pie, Cedar Closet Floor Cleaning Household Hint
Albert R Feinberg - Fruit Cup Cakes
Philip J Ferry - Red Hots (The All American Hot Dog!), Hamburger on Toast (These are Hot Ones!), Sardine Dip, Clam Dip, Chopped Egg Dips, Peanut Butter Dip
Herman A Fischer Jr, Councilor, WAMSSofPA, Wife, Councilor Twelfth District. (Deceased May 1955) - Brownies
Robert Flanders, Manchester, New Hampshire, President-Elect, WAAMA - Ice Box Dessert with Chocolate Sauce
Charles H Flynn, Clarinda, Iowa, President, Woman’s Auxiliary to the Medical Society of the State of Iowa - Frosted Cookies
Charles M Gallagher - Date Salad
Vincent W Gallizzi - Spaghetti Sauce with Mushrooms, Veal Cutlets Parmesan, Chicken Cacciatore
John J Gill, Recording Secretary - Old Fashioned Boiled Dressing for Cole Slaw or Potato Salad
E Benjamin Gillette, Toledo, Ohio, 4th Vice-President, WAAMA - Individual Coffee Cakes
B Franklin Griffith - Banana Nut Bread
Morton Groves - Cole Slaw
Howard Y Harris - Overbrook Corn Fritters, Macaroni Mousse, Lime Jello-Cream Cheese Salad
Arthur A Herold, Shreveport, Louisiana, Past President 1950-51, WAAMA. Parliamentarian. - Louisiana Nut Squares
Elmer Hess, Erie, Wife of Dr Elmer Hess, President, American Medical Association - Fresh Coconut Pudding with Caramel Sauce
Charles J Higgs - Favorite Rice Pudding, Ginger Cookies
Joseph F Hoffman, Corresponding Secretary - Heavenly Fudge Cake
F S Hogan, Pottsville, Past President, Schuylkill County, Sent in by Mrs Ray P Meikrantz, Past President, Schuylkill County, Speaker at May Luncheon, 19055 - Huckleberry Pudding, Schnickerdoodle
Arthur J Horvat - Perfection Jelled Vegetable Salad, Cheese Cake with Topping
Emil Howanitz - Chocolate Fudge Cake with Rich Chocolate Fudge Frosting
Jacob Hyman - Chocolate Cake
Edward R Janjigian, President, Woman’s Auxiliary to the Luzerne County Medical Society, Member, WAAAofN - Lemon Gold Chiffon Cake with Lemon Fluff Frosting
Louis W Jones, Wife, Past President, MSSofPA - Welsh Cookies
Francis P Judge - German Cookies
Lother B Kalinowsky, Brightwaters, New York, Woman’s Auxiliary to the Suffolk County Medical Society - Piquant Ring, Fruit Torte
Samuel Kaufman - Mock Cheese Pie
Robert M Kerr - Egg Nog Ice Box Cake
Edward J Kielar - Chili Con Carne, Tomato Soup Cake
Charles J Kistler, President-Elect, 1955-56, “Reunion Year” Resigned February 1956 due to illness - Spinach-Orange Salad
Albert J Klem - Chocolate Walnut Squares
Joseph Kocyan - Dill Pickle Soup, My Father’s Hamburgers
John J Korn - Graham Cracker Refrigerator Cake
Gerald W LeVan, Boonsboro, Maryland, President, Woman’s Auxiliary to the Medical Society of the State of Maryland - Buttermilk Pecan Bread, Maryland Pecan Pie, A Quickie Marmalade
J G Linn, Pittsburgh, Finance Secretary, WAAMA - Angel Cup Cakes
Marianne Fischer Mangan - Easy Spaghetti Sauce, Round Steak Casserole
Josef E Martin - Orange Cake (3 Layers)
A A Mascali - Scalloped Potatoes
Bennet J McGuire - Lemon Sauce
Franklin O Meister, Battle Creek, Michigan, President, WAAAofN - Stroganoff, Hot Minced Clam Dip, Creamy Salad Dressing, Meringue Cookies
William C Menninger, the Menninger Foundation, Topeka, Kansas, Wife, Past President of the APA - Green Beans with Almonds, Caramel Delight Pudding
Cledith A Miller - Oatmeal Cookies (4-dozen)
Malcolm W Miller, Wynnewood, Treasurer, WAMSSofPA - Molded Fish (Molded Crab or Shrimp Salad) H Fred/Fred H Moffitt, Altoona, Chairman, Health Poster Contest, WAMSSofPA - Grenadine Dressing for Fruit Salad, Spice Cake
I C Morgan - Cream Puffs
Philip J Morgan - Oatmeal Bread
Joseph Morrison - Baked Sliced Apples
F A Muschlitz - Lemon Sponge Ice Box Pie, Welsh Cookies
Charles E Myers - Pecan Pie, Strawberry Jam
Michael G O’Brien, Scranton, President-Elect, Lackawanna County - Cigarette Ashes to Remove White Stains from Furniture Household Hint
Robert H Peters Jr, President-Elect, February-May, 1956 - Raisin Pudding, Cream Cheese Pie
Joseph W Pickarski - Almond Rum Cream Pie
Arthur Pollock, Altoona, Publicity, Pennsylvania Medical Journal, for the WAMSSofPA - Heavenly Horns, Cheese Cake
Byron E Pollock, Denver, Colorado, Fitzsimons Army Hospital - Swiss Steak Frank M Pugliese - Chop Suey - Chow Mein, Vegetable Chop Suey, Fig Russe, Chocolate Roll
Edgar E Quayle, Washington DC, 5th Vice President, WAAMA - White Fruit Cake
Willis A Redding, Towanda, Past President, WAMSSofPA - Dutch Babies Hot Bread (Like Pop-Overs but glorified)
Maurice V Ross, New Brighton, 2nd Vice President, WAMSSofPA - Western Ranch Meat Loaf
M C Rumbaugh - Cocoa Roll
Dave B Ruskin, Saginaw, Michigan, Treasurer, WAAAofN - Nut Meringue Crescents with Meringue
James W Sagebiel, Dayton, Ohio, President-Elect, WAAAofN - Perfect Meringue Shells
A L Sahs, Iowa City, Iowa, Vice President, WAAAofN - Butterscotch Squares
Peter J Savage - Chocolate Angel Pie Robert L Schaeffer, Allentown, Wife, President MSSofPA - Petite Chocolate Cup Cakes with Chocolate Dainty Frosting
Albert Schiowitz - Sour Cream Coffee Cake
Glenwood R Schreiner, President, Hazleton Branch - Danish Kringle, Dark Fruit Cake
Charles L Shafer, Kingston, Luzerne County, Parliamentarian, WAMSSofPA - Graham Cracker Pudding
Donald C Smith - Cider Sauce for Plum Pudding or Pumpkin Pie
H A Smith - French Dressing, Tomato Salad Dressing
Harry A Smith - Wine Drops Cookies
Fredric H Steele, Huntingdon, Past President, WAMSSofPA - Spanish Chicken
Russell A Stevens, Wilkes-Barre, Councilor, WAMSSofPA - Crumb Cakes
Robert S Stricker - Coffee Cake Struesel
Frank J Tonrey - Coconut Chews
L J Vercusky, President-Elect, Hazleton Branch, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania - Hot Vinaigrette Sauce on Cooked Asparagus
John M Wagner, Clarke Summit, President, WAMSSofPA - Corn Fritters
William A Weaver - Lima Bean Pot, Cheese Snaps
Burton A Weil - Pine Tree Sponge Cake
J Thomas Williams - Orange Cake Delight, Chocolate Cake
Robert S Woehrle - Banana Bread
Eugene Wolfe - Rum Angel Pie
Joseph F Ziemba - Crusty Tuna Pie, Hamburger Pie, Susan’s Pork Chops, Apple Crunch
… No Name - Barbecued Minute Steaks, Potatoes En Casserole, Tomatoes & Corn in Casserole, Orange Cream Sauce on Meringues or Angel Cake Slices, Prune & Nut Roll (p31 name & balance of page was neatly cut & removed but not included), Easy Tea Ring, Speedy Chocolate Icing For Top & Sides of 1 Layer, Easy Chocolate Sauce For Cake Slices etc, Nut Bars, Coconut Drop Cakes, Pin Wheel Cookies
Pennsylvania State University, Agricultural & Home Economics Extension - Stain Removal Suggestions

Condition: Pages are Very Good - Covers are FLAWED with spots/writing & the poor-quality construction-like stock covers have DETACHED from those wire rings - - - there are too many pages for the size of the wire rings, & the cover quality has weakened after 63-years! It is my fault; the pages just snapped apart when I turned the book upside down to scan Image #3 - I should have known better. I’m very sorry. I checked EVERY page to enter all the names! (I include ALL names in ALL fundraiser-type cookbooks because I know how frustrating it is to hope and wonder if specific contributors are included in a book, only to find out they’re not, upon receipt.) … Page 26: bottom recipe for fruit salad was neatly removed & is included, but middle of page recipe is missing. Page 31: bottom unknown recipe is missing. Page 47: is missing or incorrectly numbered because it goes from 46 to 48. Page 50: a rounded chip is missing from side edge of page … Despite the covers, all the pages are attached, tight, & in excellent condition. They are clean with no tears, no highlighting, no dog-ears, no writing (only writing is on back cover - see Image #2). This rare gem is 63-years old, and I hope it will bring joy to one of the 125 named recipe contributors or to a loved one. It took a VERY long time for me to enter all & doublecheck for accuracy. Books are NOT from smoke-free or pet-free environment. Please see above THREE supersized images ... they are part of the description. Email with questions or requests.

Shipping: Buyer pays $4.00 (NOT for typical Media/Bookrate shipping NOR ANY handling fees!) ------------>>> Seller will add to your $4.00 and pay the extra dollars for upgrade to FIRST CLASS/PRIORITY that will include insurance, tracking number/info, faster delivery, and more gentle handling by the USPS than Media/Bookrate to better protect the binding on your keepsake.

Seize this scarce book for posterity, the descendants, future generations of those who contributed the recipes ... this legacy may be all there is! … Perfect as a gift for birthdays, Christmas, newborn grandchild or just to say “I love you and cherish the memories.”

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