You are buying a BRAND NEW, FACTORY SEALED VHS wrestling video, FMW (Frontier Marital Arts Wrestling) The Legend Dawns.

For fans who think that ECW is hardcore, welcome to the promotion that made hardcore what it is. As their slogan says, this is hardcore wrestling made in Japan.

For those used to the World Wrestling Federation/World Wrestling Entertainment women of the fluff blond bombshell, whose main purpose is to look good, and the extent of their "wrestling" is usually bra and panties matches, take a look at the hardcore women of the FMW.

Although this is a Japanese video, there is commentary overdubbed in English by FMW commentators. The promos are in Japanese, but are subtitled where necessary. The Japanese promos are really something to see! The American wrestlers (Horace and Awesome) do NOT speak Japanese, and their promos are subtitled in Japanese.

A great way to see the work of the late Mike Awesome and Hulk Hogan's cousin, Horace Boulder prior to their work in World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

Match listing and all promos are as follows:

  • "Bad Nurse" Nakamura pre-match interview prior to...

  • "Bad Nurse" Nakamura vs. Sub Miss Sato

  • Sub Miss Sato post-match interview

  • Wrestling School 101 segment with Snake Girls

  • Hido & Super Leatherface pre-match interview

  • Ricky Fuji & Horace Boulder pre-match interview, leading to...

  • Tag team action with Hido & Super Leatherface vs. Ricky Fuji & Horace Boulder

  • "Shark" Tsuchiya Interview

  • Megumi Kudo Interview

  • Megumi Kudo v. "Shark" Tsuchiya

  • The late Mike Awesome (known here as Gladiator) & Ooya pre-match interview

  • Niyama & Hayabusa pre-match interview prior to...

  • Tag team action with Gladiator (Mike Awesome) & Ooya vs. Niyama & FMW's top star, the masked Hayabusa

  • Niyama post-match interview and also Gladiator & Ooya post-match comments

  • Matsunaga & Mr. Pogo pre-match interviews before their brutal Barbed Wire Deathmatch, which follows.

  • Extreme Championship Wrestling's Masato Tanaka vs. W*ING Kanemura (named for the Wrestling International New Generations promotion, also in Japan) in a Championship Trophy Match, followed by post-match comments from Tanaka.

  • Pre-match comments from the teams of Matsunaga & Super Leatherface and Mr. Pogo & Horace Boulder

  • Tag team No Weapons Barred Match between the team of Matsunaga/Super Leatherface vs. Mr. Pogo/Horace Boulder

  • Gladiator pre-match comments before his match vs. masked sensation, Hayabusa, followed by Hayabusa's post-match comments.

Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling is now defunct with the suicide of the owner in 2002, and these few video releases are unlikely to be re-released in the U.S.

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