You are buying a pre-viewed, ORIGINAL World Wrestling Federation (WWF) VHS video, Jesse The Body Ventura - The Mouth, The Myth, The Legend.

"I think Jesse's best quality is his straight-forwardness, saying what he thinks, believing what he thinks and his ability to get along with people." - former wrestler, commentator and WWF President, Gorilla Monsoon.

"Well, I was managing wrestlers here for Vince McMahon Sr. and lo and behold...I met this f-----g goof, Jesse Ventura." - "Classy" Freddie Blassie, former WWF manager.

Obviously, the opinons of the man who would eventually be governor of Minnesota are varied, and the WWF capitalises on Ventura's gubernatorial win to produce this tape. The clash of perspectives between Monsoon and Blassie are enough to get this tape along, but there's more.

One would think that a guy who once wore a feather boa, dyed his hair more colours than the rainbow and body slammed people for a living could hardly be thought of as one day being elected Governor of Minnesota (or really any state), but given most politicians, he's probably more honest than most, and seeing as a former actor who starred opposite a monkey in Bedtime For Bonzo became President of the United States, it makes Jesse's win far less shocking than one would seem upon first look.

Welcome to the wonderful world of politics. And you thought pro wrestling was nutty.

Being a World Wrestling Federation (WWF) release prior to their acquisition of World Championship Wrestling (WCW), "The Body"'s time in WCW is ignored for obvious reasons.

Tape includes some really enlightening commentary by Gorilla Monsoon and "Classy" Freddie Blassie as each discusses their thoughts on Ventura, the man. Monsoon has a positive view of Ventura describing him as honorable, genuine and loyal. Blassie - Ventura's former WWF manager - characterizes the (then-current) Minnesota governor as a pain in the keester to work and an arrogant son of a gun. This clash of perspectives is really interesting and gives insight as to how two people can have VERY differing opinions. A sample of their quotes is above.

Of course, being a tape largely about Jesse's Gubernatorial win, there's plenty of discussion about The Body's election victory. Rounding out the tape are some interviews and additional commentary, clips of some of Ventura's greatest moments and matches to include arm wrestling and a "Body" music video.

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