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GOD, REVELATION & AUTHORITY : Carl Henry : 2 HBs w/ DJs Pic 1 GOD, REVELATION & AUTHORITY : Carl Henry : 2 HBs w/ DJs Pic 2

Vol. I
God Who Speaks
and Shows

Preliminary Considerations
  • Hardback book with Dust Jacket by Carl F. H. Henry
  • Over 435 pages
  • First Printing, October 1976
  • Second Printing, August 1977
  • Third Printing, June 1979
  • Copyright © 1976 by Word Incorporated

" Carl Henry says, "Evangelical theology is heretical if it is only creative and unworthy if it is only repetitious.
That it can be freshly relevant for each new generation of persons and problems is a continuing asset."
In this four-volume "exposition of evangelical theism" { which TWO volumes is included in THIS lot }
the founding editor of Christianity Today not only expounds the historic Christian faith but solidly confronts the recent conjectural alternatives to evangelical Christianity. Dr. Henry discusses and relates the claims of science, philosophy, and religion, emphasizing intelligible divine revelation and scriptural authority in contrast to the anti-intellectual existentialism that pervades recent neo-Protestant theology.

Volume I of God, Revelation and Authority is theological prolegemona dealing particularly with the philosophical and cultural objections to theology that arise in the twentieth century.
Dr. Henry discusses first what he terms the crisis of truth and word in contemporary Western life - the lack of belief in finalities, the lack of faith that words can communicate any truth at all. The role of the mass media, which he sees as contributing to the bewilderment of the age, is examined here at length.

Volume I ends with a discussion of common ground between Christians and non-Christians, holding that the image of God in man has survived the fall, and that all human beings are accountable to God for their response to his revelation.
"Christian theology emphasizes that every human being lives by some hidden faith.
The Bible questions the faith by which many live and explains every alternative to and denial of revelational theism from its own perspective. "


Vol. IV
God Who Speaks
and Shows

Fifteen Theses, Part Three
  • Hardback book with Dust Jacket by Carl F. H. Henry
  • Over 670 pages
  • First Printing, July 1979
  • Second Printing, April 1980
  • Copyright © 1979 by Word Incorporated

" In Volume IV of God, Revelation and Authority, Carl F.H. Henry covers the last five of his fifteen theses on revelation, beginning with the concept of authority and the Bible as the authoritative norm.

Because secular man has rejected the divine authority of the God of the Bible, he has also blurred a sense of human dependence on anything outside himself; "he himself must originate and fashion whatever values there are."
So, says Dr. Henry, "the current clash over the Bible's divine authority is a far-reaching controversy over the real nature of man and his destiny," a revolt which the Bible itself acknowledges and deals with. The Bible sets forth the divine authority of the message of the prophets and apostles recorded in its pages.

Dr. Henry deals with the vast array of modern reductions of biblical authority, including those of James Barr, C.H. Dodd, Paul Tillich, Schubert Ogden, and others, as well as evangelical views which he feels do less than justice to the biblical teaching.
He treats the relationship between divine authority and scriptural authority, and discusses how the Bible may be considered literally true. There is only one kind of truth, he says. Religious truth is as much truth as any other. Because we are made in the image of God, we can comprehend the content of God's logically ordered revelation, that is, God's intelligible disclosure in rational concepts. The Bible gives us factual information about God, although it does not give us exhaustive knowledge of God.

Under Thesis 12, Dr. Henry discusses the meaning of inspiration, inerrancy, infallibility, and illumination.
The inspiration of the Holy Spirit upon the prophets and apostles guaranteed the inerrancy of their message as recorded in the original manuscripts. The copies which we have are infallible, but not inerrant. Infallibility belongs to Scripture in our available versions and not to any ecclesiastical hierarchy. He then looks at some of the problem passages brought up to disprove the inerrancy of Scripture. Other chapters discuss the church's views on inerrancy through its history, the values as well as the abuses of historical biblical criticism, and the Bible's unity of thought and purpose.

Theses 13 and 14 deal with the results of the church's proclamation of the gospel under the direction of the Spirit in the lives of individuals and in society. Here Dr. Henry looks at the regenerate church as the new society, and calls for Christian involvement in social issues, and the battle for social justice. Two chapters deal with the Marxist alternative to this call and the Marxist interpretation of Scripture.

In the final chapter, Thesis 15, Dr. Henry treats the biblical doctrine of the end time, when "God will unveil his glory in a crowning revelation of power and judgment, vindicating righteousness and justice and subduing and subordinating evil." "

These books came from a church library and have several church stamps and markings.
They are still in very nice condition, but the dust jackets have moderate wear and tear.
There are a few aging spots/ dirt marks on the side edges of the pages, mostly visible from the side view.
No torn or ripped pages.
The price is: $ 25.00 for the lot

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