Bulk Update

How to edit & update your items offline

Before proceeding, please see the Bulk Upload Documentation for a detailed explaination of CSV concepts, how to edit the CSV, and the names and accepted values of the CSV columns.

Bulk Update is a feature which allows updating of all your items in 3 simple steps:

  1. Generate & Download the Update CSV file from eBluejay
  2. Edit your items in the Update CSV
  3. Upload the Update CSV file back to eBluejay

1. Generate and Download the Update CSV

Click on the Generate link to create an up-to-date Update CSV file or click on the Download link to download the previously generated Update CSV file. Optionally enter any keywords to find specific items by subject that need updating. A download link will appear when the Update CSV file is ready.

2. Edit your items in the Update CSV

Any fields present in the downloaded Update CSV except for item_id can be modified. Set the delete_update field to u to update that item. Set the delete_update field to d to delete the item and remove it from your store. By default delete_update is left blank meaning no action will be taken even if changes are made to that item row. The item_id is a field used by eBluejay for uniquely identifying your item. DO NOT MODIFY this field. Use the sku field to specify your own inventory tracking id.

3. Upload the Update CSV back to eBluejay

After finishing with your changes, upload the Update CSV back to eBluejay from the Bulk Updating interface. The Update CSVs will be processed hourly.

eBluejay Bulk Update column names


Required for Bulk updating. The values are 'd' for Delete or 'u' for Update. If left blank, the item will not be updated. (default: blank)


Required for Bulk updating. Do not modify. After generating and downloading the Update CSV, this field will have the eBluejay item id used for updating/deleting an item.