The Skyrider series by Melisa C. Michaels PB

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Her name is Melacha Rendell: They call her the Skyrider. Hotshot. Shuttle jockey.
1. Skirmish (1987): Melacha is a pilot crazy enough to try a docking maneuver that's already killed two men, and good enough to pull it off. Just the pilot that the Company needs for a suicide run, to catch a sabotaged liner falling into the sun. But trouble is brewing between the Earth Company and the independent asteroid miners, and SOMEONE doesn't want the Skyrider to succeed. Someone wants this incident to become the first engagement of the Colonial Wars.

2. First Battle (1985): Earth's deep-space mining colonies smolder on the brink of rebellion. At the height of a high-tension summit, terrorists have kidnapped a group of Earther VIPs. They claim to be Colonials, but they could be provocateurs bent on starting a war. A rescue mission is out of the question. The Company's policy on hostages is clear: They're expendable. Besides, only a pilot skilled enough to make a dead-dock landing--and crazy enough to go in alone--could get inside the terrorists' defenses.
But there is someone that good--and that crazy. Melacha Rendell, the hotshot shuttle jockey known as the Skyrider..

3. Last War (1986): The Colonial War is finally a reality, and this time the Skyrider knows which side she's on. But is one hot-shot shuttle pilot enough to even up the odds? The Colonials are determined, but the Earthers have all the power! They are ready to meet the challenge, but all that stands between them and defeat is a rag-tag fleet and the Skyrider.

4. Pirate Prince (1987): The Colonial War is over, but the smoldering hate lingers. World Inc's latest gambit is tactical withdrawal...and without the supplies they provide, many colonies will cease t exist!
From out of nowhere comes a dashing heroic figure in black and silver, a deadly legend come to life. With bold impunity he wreaks havoc throughout the company shipping lanes; an unstoppable force that World Inc cannot ignore. Caught between Earther politics and a madman, the Skyrider must reopen the supply lines and stop the growing menace that is the Pirate Prince.

5. Floater Factor (1988): The Skyrider: Hot shot shuttle pilot, mercenary to the stars, world saver, and nowprotector of infants. Someone is dumping very special babies on Skyrider and someone else is determined to kill her and the babies. In a fight that spans several planets, Skyrider desperately seeks the source of these mysterious "mutant" children. All queries lead to two dramatically opposed political groups... potentially dangerous fanatics. The single common thread is a silver-eyed conman.
Before the forces of humanity regroup for yet another devastating war Skyrider must unravel the mystery of the floater factor.
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