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Con Verta Stone
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Bringing Gardening to a new Level

400 S.W. Railroad Ave.
Ponchatoula, La. 70454
This Raised Garden Bed, Greenhouse conversion system is Bringing Gardening to a whole new Level! You can use, 1 x 8 cedar, salvaged fence boards, 2 x 8 treated lumber, or PVC deck boards, any thing of your choice. I will post a material list at end of ad for the PVC Fittings

We are a small company with limited ability to produce these in bulk, our molds are custom made to each application, our concrete is a wet poured fiber reinforced, 4000 pound mix. Please email for quote on Your Custom design and a time line on production,

The stones measure approximately 8" x 16" x 7 1/4" tall and weigh about 75 pounds each. it will take 6 stones to make an encloser with a door opening, stones sell for $24.00 each

Your choice: Corner stones, Round nosed, Square nosed, Middle or runner block, and left or right corner stones are $24.00 each, PVC nipples can be inserted at no extra charge to convert this into a covered greenhouse or shade cloth structure if needed

We are Ponchatoula Antiques & Statuary @ 985-386-7809 Weds.-Sunday only 9-5 We are located At 400 S.W. Railroad Ave. Ponchatoula La. 70454

Scroll down for other styles you can use these for, and Clicking on any photo to enlarge and you also will be able to view the entire album

The stones can be produced to custom specifications. The notched receiver can be made to fit any border application. I used a standard 1 1/2" but using the thinner hardi board posed no problem. The back pressure of potting soil kept it tight against the stone. You may want to stake it inside to stop bowing out; I plan on back filling the exterior to provide more planting area for cold hardy plants.
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This 8 foot x 12 foot unit is made with 7" Hardi-Plank to eliminate soil contamination. The Organic soil Mixture is free from Pesticides. I'm also planning on growing plants that Repel insects, Marigolds, Lemon Grass, and other natural smelling repellant Plants. Occasional I use sevin dust (Carbaryl) or cotton seed dust, Cotton seed "Meal" is great as a soil conditioner and a slow acting fertilizer. This unit is made with our 7 1/4" tall stone. You can use the PVC deck boards instead of Hardi-plank but they seam to be less pliable. This is a great do it yourself project; if planned correctly, you can produce food year round. I've shown several other styles. You can incorporate windows, or opening ports for ventilation. Next, I will show the Animal or bird webbing unit.
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This free standing and portable unit is 10' wide x 12' long. It can be used to deter animals such as Birds, Deer, Wild Hogs, and Rabbits.... any and all varmints. You have to choose the type of wire or hardware cloth you need. Bird webbing, Hog wire, or Chicken wire will work; just make sure the openings are large enough for the Honey Bees to enter for Pollination! This too can be made in many configurations.
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This 24" wide x 10' long Raised Bed cost around $200.00 depending on where you buy your lumber, PVC Pipe and Soil. It can be used as a flower or vegetable garden bed. I used Hardi-Plank on my vegetable garden at home to avoid soil contamination. In the flower bed I used 2x6 treated boards as borders, 1 1/2" PVC pipe for frame, and the 11 1/4" stones for the deeper rooting Sago Palm. A material list will be provided upon purchase.
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I use this one for our tropical fish to protect them from freezing, This is the ultimate Home Greenhouse, it will make gardening a joy, not only a great place to grow your flowers or vegetables but also to store your Garden supplies, this structure is a truly portable greenhouse, start your seeds early, already planted in the built-in raised garden Beds, when you remove the covering the plants will not have to recover from the shock of transplanting, This Mini greenhouse will reduce the number of visits to your local nursery, By growing your own plants from seeds or rootstock You will save Money. Grow your own Vegetable crop, or use this greenhouse as a great refuge for transplanting, grafting, or protecting your flowering plants and landscape buses. A true must for the Do It Yourselfer, makes landscaping easier and more efficient. I've had inquires and suggestion on using this system for Hydroponics Gardening and am working on a system of trays for this application.
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