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  1. Claiborne-Polk Military Railroad Employee Timetable No. 2 Dated 01/17/1943
  2. Bessemer & Lake Erie R.R. Employee Timetable No. 94 for Main Line & Branches Dated 12/10/1948
  1. Book - "Counterfeit Currency" by M. Thomas Collins
  1. Book - "The Sea Around Us" by Rachel Carson
Book - "The Abbott Almanac." - The History of Abbott Laboratories
"Book Shelf Scrap Book & Album" - An Empty, Bound Scrap Book Needing Your Items
Book - ""Fiddletown & Copperopolis" by Carl Fallberg
Book - "Life on the Shiny Iron" by Charles Bass
Book - "Death Valley to Yosemite" by Belden & DeDecker
Book - "The Elliott Wave Principle - A Critical Appraisal" by A. Hamilton Bolton
Book - "Between the River & the Rails – South Clinton" by Kathy Flippo
Pamphlet - "The Burning Match" by Jim Straw
Chicago & North Western Advertisement – "A Fleet of New “400” Streamliners."
Book - "Heinrich Schnibble and Even More Tales Mein Grossfader Told" by Dave Morrah.
Medical Book - "Pseudo-Isochromatic Plates - Testing Color Perception" pub. by American Optical Co