Wild Strawberry/Indian Strawberry (Duchesnea indica) Ground Cover- 2 Plants

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Up for your consideration today are Wild Strawberry/Indian Strawberry ( Duchesnea indica) Ground Cover- 2 Plants. These plants are have roots and are ready to plant. Some of the plants will have more than one set of roots along the plant, as it grew out from the main center plant. These plants may be called Wild Strawberry or Indian Strawberry, depending on the region that you live in. The fruit that is made on these is a small red fruit, whcih appears soon after the bright yellow colored blooms complete blooming.

These plants also make a nice choice in edible foraging gardens, or herb gardens. The raw fruit has a tasteless/bland bland flavor which can be eaten plain or put into salads for something different. Both the leaves and flowers raw, can be cooked, or made into a tea. These are also safe around kids and pets, so you can plant them in practically any landscape. The arrangement of the leaves are alternate, and are typically arranged in a pattern where each leaf is positioned at a different height along the stem. The shape of the leaves are trifoliate, which means that they are composed of three leaflets. Each individual leaflet is broadly ovate with a length of approximately 1" x 1" in size, across the entirety of the leaf. Each Leaflet measures approximately 0.5" across. The leaflets may be lobed as well.

The venation of the leaves is pinnate, with a central vein that runs along the length of each leaflet and smaller veins which branch out from it. Each of the leaflet margins are coarsely toothed or serrated, with the color of the leaves being a vibrant green on the upper surface and a paler green on the underside. The bright yellow colored flowers have five petals that are located on long, slender stalks, with each flower having a diameter of about 0.5 to 1 inch. The fruit resembles a small, tiny round shaped strawberry, with many tiny red dots on the outside, a white colored skin on the inside, and it is typically dry and bland flavored.

Each of the stems are thin, green, and have the ability to root at the nodes whenever they touch the ground. There are fine hairs along the stem and the lower surface of the leaves. The plant typically grows up to a height of 4 to 6 inches. If you are looking for an attractive and fast growing ground cover, this would really fit the bill. Ideal for attracting pollinators and birds. Also makes a perfect ground cover in any area where you need a fast growing ground cover. A nice choice for anyone who does low maintenance gardening and is looking for something that is hardy, but will also come back each year.

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