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60 Bell Pepper Vegetable,Color Capsicum seeds,Shimla Mirch red seeds

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Bright colored sweet pepper is very suitable for fresh food. Plants that are easy to survive, grow, and produce.

Number of seeds: 60

Peppers need a sunny place to grow and have a certain amount of air circulation so that they won't get sick.

Plant your seeds in the soil or in a flowerpot so that when they are about 15 cm tall, they can be easily transplanted to the last place. Pepper seeds do not germinate until the soil temperature is right. They prefer to release their dormancy at a temperature of about 20 to 25 ℃, and they should not be planted outdoors until all frost opportunities are over.

If you want to start sowing a few weeks before the expected date of the last frost, you can plant the seeds in a basin on a warm, sunny windowsill

When your chili seeds sprout

After you plant your seeds in a flowerpot and wait for them to germinate, you need to prepare their final planting ground. Make sure their place is well drained and sunny. Dig up some rotten fertilizer and pull out the weeds. Now let it stabilize until your seedslings are ready.


When your pepper or pepper plants are about 10-15 cm tall, you can plant them in the place you choose. Be gentle with them so you don't hurt their roots or break their stems. Sprinkle them with a little water and put some very dilute liquid fertilizer in it. When they start to thrive, you can feed them with full strength fertilizer.

Peppers and peppers are easy to care for. In hot and dry weather, water them once or twice a week and replenish them with liquid fertilizer every three or four weeks.
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