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100 Cherry seeds Sakura seeds of Japan,Primula seeds

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Number of seeds: 100
Family name: Rosaceae morphological characteristics: deciduous trees. 5m-25m high. The bark is dark chestnut brown, smooth and glossy, with transverse lines. Branchlets glabrous. Leaves ovate to ovate elliptic, margin aristate, glabrous on both sides. Corymbose or raceme, white or pinkish flowers. The flowering period is from April to May. Angularis globose, black, ripe in July.

Key points of Replanting
Graft propagation. The seedlings of cherries and cherries can be used as rootstocks. Cut in late March or budding in late August, after 3-4 years of cultivation, it can be planted out of the nursery. During planting, 15kg-25kg compost is applied to each pit and 1kg-2kg ammonium sulfate is applied to each plant in July. After flowering and before sprouting in early spring, the dead branches, sick and weak branches and overgrown branches shall be cut, and the pruning of coarse branches shall be avoided as far as possible to keep the crown satisfactory.

Brief history of cultivation and flower culture
Cherry blossom is an important ornamental tree species in the garden. The poems of Bai Juyi in Tang Dynasty are very popular. In the Tang Dynasty, PI Rixiu's poem "graceful fragrance blows the wine pot... Only the spring breeze helps alone" describes the graceful cherry blossom in spring. Cherry can also be used as a path tree. Bark and fresh tender leaves are used medicinally. Light loving. It likes the fertile, deep and well drained micro acid soil, and the neutral soil can also adapt, not resistant to salt and alkali. It is cold resistant and likes the environment with high air humidity. The root system is shallow, no water and low humidity. The resistance to smoke and harmful gases is poor.

Deciduous trees, bark dark brown, smooth; branchlets hairy when young. The leaves are oval to obovate, 5-12cm long, sharp and acuminate at the tip, round to broadly cuneate at the base, with fine-point double serrations at the edge, and pilose on the dorsal veins and petioles. The flowers are white to light pink, 2-3cm in diameter, usually single petaled, slightly fragrant; the calyx tube is tubular, hairy; the pedicel is about 2cm long, pubescent; 3-6 flowers are arranged in short racemes. Drupe, subglobose, black. Flowering in April, before or at the same time with the leaves...
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