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120 PCS White radish seeds, white ball hail, bulk radish seed

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Number of seeds: 120
120 PCS White radish seeds, white ball hail, bulk radish seed, good quality, early maturity, high yield and excellent variety
Small species such as four seasons radish, plant spacing 4-7 cm square. When sowing, there are two ways of watering: first watering, then sowing and then covering the soil, and first sowing, then covering and then watering. The former has enough bottom water, loose soil on the top, and the seedlings are easy to excavate; the latter is easy to harden the soil, so it is necessary to water the soil frequently before emergence, so as to keep the soil moist. The thickness of the soil on the back cover is about 2cm. If the soil is a little deep, the soil is a little shallow. If the seeds are too shallow, the soil is easy to dry, and it is easy to fall down after emergence, the hypocotyl is bent, and the root shape is not straight in the future; if the seeds are too deep, it will not only affect the speed and robustness of emergence, but also affect the length and color of fleshy roots. The sowing amount varies with varieties, seed plumpness, germination rate, sowing methods and cultivation seasons. Before sowing, the quality of seeds should be strictly checked. In general, large and medium-sized varieties require 0.5kg seeds per mu, 4-5 seeds per hole, and make the seeds spread in the hole, with 1.0kg seeds for strip sowing; small varieties require 1.5kg seeds per mu
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