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50 pcs seeds of big fig, Honey fruit, Milk Berry, Ficus carica, Milk berries, Taste the fairy fruit

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Ficus carica contains 15% ~ 20% sugar, and contains vitamin A, C and other nutrients. It has the functions of promoting body fluid, appetizing, stopping diarrhea and so on. It is an indispensable medicinal material in Uygur medicine. Ficus carica is a rare fruit, which is delicious and nutritious. It not only contains high sugar content, but also contains a variety of vitamins, so it has great medicinal value. In traditional Chinese medicine, dried fruit is used as medicine, which can open stomach and stop diarrhea, and mainly treat sore throat. Uyghur doctors use it as a tonic and strong, soft and firm knot, invigorating spleen and stomach, helping digestion, treating hemorrhoids and dispelling wind dampness. Fig tree is also an ideal ornamental and environmental protection tree species. It has a large crown, luxuriant branches and leaves, iron and silver stems, beautiful and generous, and send out the fragrance of Qingyu, refreshing. Branches and leaves can absorb harmful gases such as benzene and carbon dioxide in the air, which is conducive to environmental protection
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