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Number of seeds: 150
Strawberries, also known as raspberries, ground fruits, red berries, etc., have juicy flesh, sweet and sour taste, rich nutrition, and are known as the queen of fruits in fruits
1. Seedling raising
First, choose the fertile land with convenient irrigation and drainage and no strawberry cultivation before. In the winter before the start of the deep turn, to improve the soil properties, but also reduce the occurrence of pests. It is necessary to apply sufficient base fertilizer to the seedling field after selection, and then prepare the equipment for drainage and irrigation. First of all, we should select some varieties with strong growth and good yield to plant, and use stolon as the mother plant of strawberry seedling.
2. Planting
Generally, planting will begin on the 10th of September, not to the beginning of October at most. First of all, the nursery should be watered once before the day of digging seedlings. It should be noted that the roots of the seedlings should not be damaged, and the seedlings should be planted in different sheds according to the size of the seedlings
3. Buckle the shed
The key of strawberry planting is to keep warm in the shed. The application period of greenhouse heat preservation is when the temperature reaches 8-10 at night outside, and when the temperature reaches 5 degrees below, strawberry will enter into dormancy, and 6-8 degrees at night is the critical temperature of the heat preservation period.
4. Temperature
After the shed is closed, when the temperature is over 33 degrees in the daytime, it is necessary to start to let out the wind to cool down. In the daytime, the temperature needs to be between 26 and 30 degrees. At night, the temperature is between 10 and 15 degrees. The minimum temperature should not be as low as 8 degrees.
5. Fertilizer and water management
Strawberry in plastic greenhouse needs a long period of fruiting. In order to prevent the situation of de fertilization and premature senescence, the first thing is to apply base fertilizer, top dressing and foliar fertilizer frequently. Generally, the effect is better when the base fertilizer is putrefaction and the compound fertilizer is calcium magnesium phosphate. In the middle and later stage, spraying is also needed. Generally, spraying 200 times lvwei of foliar fertilizer is used to increase the fruit growth in the middle and later stage, as well as the fruit weight and sugar content of strawberries.
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