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he Issue of Adult Self Esteem (Word count: 561 words)

Often the issue of self esteem is discussed within the context of a teenager or a child. However, the fact remains that issues of self esteem can permeate well into adulthood as well.

The main difference is that children and teenager’s are often cut a little slack for their poor self esteem and its resultant problems. On the other hand with adults that forgiveness is not always as forthcoming because they should “know better”.

How can they know better if they were never taught those skills in the first place? Adults may not have had role modeled to them a healthy example of self esteem from their parents simply because they weren’t in any position to give it, but it’s never too late. As adults there are many places and resources you can tap into to learn healthy self-esteem habits, at any age. Search online, visit your local library or bookstore or even consider counseling to talk about it.
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