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Encoder ][ Plus for Apple II Plus or Apple I Replica

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Encoder ][ Plus for Apple II Plus or Apple I Replica

Using an Apple II Plus keyboard and the "Encoder ][ Plus" you can connect to an Apple II Plus motherboard or the "Encoder ][ Plus" can be used to connect your Apple II plus keyboard to an Apple I motherboard or Apple I replica motherboard. The only differences being the cable and the connection point on the encoder card. So please specify in your order if you will be using your keyboard with an Apple II Plus motherboard or an Apple I or Apple I replica motherboard. This card replaces the vintage encoder daughter PCB on most Apple II Plus and some late Apple II keyboards. It will NOT work with a single PCB Datanetics keyboard.

This encoder card is configurable via certain combinations of key strokes. Please read the following operational details and message me if you have any questions.

------ Encoder ][ Plus – Apple II Plus Instructions -----------

The Encoder ][ Plus operates identically to the original (vintage) encoder with some additional features which can be controlled by the following commands.

CTRL-RESET or RESET will reset the computer based on how the encoder is configured CTRL-SHIFT-RESET will toggle between the need to press CTRL-RESET or only RESET to reset the machine. The encoder will beep indicating that a change has been made. This change will persist through power cycles.

SHIFT-RESET will send the CLRSCR command to an Apple 1 connected through the Apple 1 connector on the encoder board.

REPT-RESET will toggle between upper and lowercase input. The encoder will beep to indicate the change.

The encoder has a built-in delay between scans of the keyboard to prevent double input of characters for keys that may have intermittent connection. The default delay period is 10ms. This can be adjusted by pressing and holding down the RESET button while pressing and releasing a number from 1 to 9. Each number increases the delay by 5ms. The lowest setting (1) is 5ms, and the highest (9) is 45ms. If you are getting double characters, increase the delay until they go away. If you are unable to eliminate the double characters even at setting 9, your keyboard probably needs serviced. This setting will persist through power cycles, so it only needs to be changed when necessary.

CTRL-SHIFT-REPT-RESET will play a little song

Lower Case on the Apple ][

When the encoder is in upper case mode (default), it will behave identically to the original encoder.

Pressing the SHIFT key will allow you enter the special characters shared by some of the letter keys such as @ and ^.

When you enter the lowercase mode using the REPT-RESET sequence, the characters will be lower case. Pressing the SHIFT key will enter the uppercase version of the letter keys, and for all other keys will behave the same in both upper and lowercase modes. To enter the special characters shared by the letter keys while in the lowercase mode you can press CTRL-SHIFT and the letter with the special key. For example, in lower case a SHIFT-P will produce an uppercase P not an @ symbol, but CTRL-SHIFT-P will produce the @ symbol.

To display the lowercase characters, you must have a lowercase character generator ROM installed in your Apple ][ or ][ Plus motherboard. In addition, if you wish to enter lower case characters directly in DOS or BASIC, you will need a modified F8 ROM. Please message me if you would like to purchase this ROM and the lower case character ROM for an additional $10 . Any program that does input by scanning the keyboard directly will be able to input lower case without the need for the modified F8 ROM.
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