Toro Bedknife 49-7660 Reel Master Heavy Cut

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Toro Bedknives - Pricing $44.95 Each..

OEM names are used for descriptive purposes only. Turf Pride claims no association with these companies.

Part # TP-476680 OEM # 47-6680 Toro Spartan / Low Cut / Single Lip Bedknife.

Part # TP-497660 OEM # 49-7660 Toro Reel Master / Heavy Cut Bedknife.

Part # TP-625180 OEM # 62-5180 Toro 2600 / 3100 / 216 Bedknife.

Part # TP-638600 OEM # 63-8600 Toro GM / 21” / 13 Hole / 5/16” Cut Bedknife.

Part # TP-638610 OEM # 63-8610 Toro GM / 21" / 7 hole / 1/4" Cut Bedknife.

Part # TP-658250-U OEM # 65-8250 Toro GM / 21”/ 13 Hole / 1/16” Cut/ Ultra Quality Bedknife.

Part # TP-934262-U OEM # 93-4262 Toro GM / 21”/ 13 Hole / Micro / Ultra Quality Bedknife.

Part # TP-934264 OEM # 93-4263 Toro GM / 21” / 13 Hole / 3/32” Cut Bedknife.

Part # .TP-934264-U OEM # 93-4264 Toro GM / 21” / 13 Hole / 1/8” Cut /Ultra Quality Bedknife.

Part # TP-939774 OEM # 93-9974 Toro 6700 / 8 Hole Bedknife.

Part # TP-945079 OEM # 94-5079 Toro 2600 / 3100.

Part # TP-946392 OEM # 94-6392 Toro GM / 21” / 13 Hole / 3/16” Cut Bedknife.

Part # TP-948936 OEM # 94-8936 Toro 5500 / 6500.

Turf Pride Premium Bed Knives.

Turf Pride Bed Knives are available in three thicknesses and are available to fit major brand greens mowers.

Hardness: Rockwell C scale 48 – 49.

Material: Spring type steel high carbon content, with chrome/nickel alloys. Polish finish.

Thickness: 3mm

Effective Cutting Heights:

Turf Pride (thin bed knife) 0.100

Turf Pride (super thin bed knife) 0.075

Turf Pride (tournament bed knife) 0.050

Straightness: In order to achieve maximum cutting performance, a bed knife must be perfectly straight. Even the slightest bow will result in less than desired performance. A bed knife with a “smile” shape will cut on each end and not along the middle. On the other hand, a bed knife with a “frown” will cut along the middle and not on each end. Turf Pride bed knives are guaranteed to be perfectly straight without the need of grinding after attaching.

Thickness: With the Turf Pride premium knives, the over all thickness from one end to the other is guaranteed not to vary more than .001”. In low cut settings even the slightness difference in thickness will result in a deviation in cutting heights and will be more amplified the lower the cut. Turf Pride Premium bed knives will ensure a true golf ball roll on all putting surfaces.

Hardness: Consistency of hardness is crucial in order to maintain an even and straight wear pattern. This again is critical when mowing at lower heights.

Updated December, 2012.

We are now making a 30 – 40 degree Manufactured Relief standard on all of our bedknives.

No need to spend time grinding relief, saving dollars.

Set grinding stone at 2 to 3 degrees negative.

Then make 2 or 3 passes to establish the "land area" and you're done.

Makes mid-season touch up a breeze.

Manufactured Relief is exclusive to TurfPride.
    • Brand Turf Pride
    • Mfg Part # TP-497660
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