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On Hold THE PURITY SUPER PILL - ELITE MULTI + KRILL & FISH OIL, Purity Products, Brand New & Sealed

6 Advanced Supplements in One Elite Multi - 3 Little Soft Gels Daily
Powerful Support For Your Immune System, Heart, Brain & Joints
Nourishing Nutritional Support for Vibrant Skin & Healthy Stamina - Plus Vision Health

Is your cupboard filled with too many bottles of nutritional supplements? Are you taking a separate multivitamin, some fish oil or krill oil, separate products to support your heart and brain, and a bunch of other pills for your immune system, joints, skin, and energy levels? What if there was a way to cut the clutter, simplify your routine, reduce the cost — and get 6 Advanced Formulas in just 3 simple soft gels?

Well, now you can with The Purity Super Pill! This is the one formula that goes where no other single supplement has ever gone before. The Purity Super Pill is advanced nutritional science that until now could not be achieved. We have cracked the code, applying advanced formulation and manufacturing techniques to combine an elite multivitamin, omega-3 from fish oil and krill oil, and key botanical co-factors into one pioneering pill unlike anything else out there.

The Purity Super Pill is your "desert island" supplement — the one formula you can use to build a solid foundation for everyday wellness and healthy aging. This is a breakthrough that only Purity Products delivers! We use only the finest premium ingredients at clinically studied levels and deliver them at a cost well below what you would spend if you bought six separate formulas for your immune system, heart, brain, joints, energy levels, and skin. There’s even a bonus benefit for healthy eyes and vision. If you only take one nutritional supplement, you want to make it The Purity Super Pill!

The Purity Super Pill is a scientifically formulated approach to nutritional health backed by over 25 years of research into healthy aging. But don't mistake The Purity Super Pill as being just for people over 50—because you are never too young or too old to give your body the support it needs to be healthy, vibrant and vital, or to defend it from the ravages of habit, environment, and time.

That's why The Purity Super Pill is designed to target so many crucial areas of your body with multiple modes of nutritional action.

Diet and exercise are important to maintaining cardiovascular health—and so is giving your heart the right nutritional support. So, besides providing you with the full spectrum of necessary vitamins and minerals for heart health, The Purity Super Pill also includes clinically studied levels of Omega-3, Vitamin D, and CoQ10.

Omega-3: We use a powerful combination of ultra-pure fish oil and phospholipid-rich krill oil to deliver 670 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids. These are the good fats, including 550mg of EPA and DHA, your body needs but cannot produce by itself. A key heart health benefit of Omega-3 is its ability to support cholesterol and triglyceride levels already in the normal range.

Vitamin D: Known as "the sunshine vitamin," Vitamin D has been shown in recent studies to support healthy circulation.1 Unfortunately, Vitamin D deficiency is a real and present threat that should not be taken lightly, with over 41% of adults showing signs of not getting enough of this essential nutrient.2 That's why we put 2,000 IUs of Vitamin D in every daily serving of The Purity Super Pill to help your heart get blood and oxygen to every part of your body.

CoQ10: CoQ10 is one of the most extensively researched ingredients in modern nutritional science. This important coenzyme is produced in the body, but levels tend to decline as we age. Statin drug use can also negatively impact natural CoQ10 levels. Research shows that CoQ10 helps keep the heart pumping by supplying energy at the mitochondrial level, with many studies suggesting an intake of 100 mg or more daily as optimal.3

Your brain is the control center for daily living, so keeping it well-fed with the right nutrients is vital. Healthy cognitive function encompasses your thought processes along with your ability to store and retrieve memories. The Purity Super Pill is packed with a wide array of brain-supporting nutrition, including Omega-3, B-Vitamins, and Ginkgo Biloba extract.

Omega-3: The Purity Super Pill provides 210 mg of high-absorption DHA, which has been shown in studies to support healthy neurotransmission within the brain.4 Plus, with 340 mg of EPA, you get support for cognitive function and mood.

B-Vitamins: There are 8 vitamins in the Vitamin B family and The Purity Super Pill is packed with ample amounts of each one! Vitamin B is essential to nervous system health, a key component of proper brain function. The B-vitamins also work to convert carbohydrates into brain food.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract: A botanical long prized for its positive effects on brain health.

Nobody enjoys having to sit on the sidelines with achy joints. Joint discomfort, flexibility issues, and mobility concerns affect tens-of-millions of people every day and are a key indicator of healthy aging—or more to the point, a lack of healthy aging. If you can't stay active due to joint issues, it can have a debilitating effect on every other area of your health. The Purity Super Pill addresses joint comfort and flexibility with a variety of nutrients including Vitamin C, Boron, and Krill Oil.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C brings antioxidant power to your joints to help protect them from free radical effects on cells and tissues within the joint matrix. Plus, Vitamin C is also a key component for building cartilage and collagen inside your joints.

Boron: A trace mineral with awesome power, Boron has been studied for its positive effects on joint health.5 Boron also helps your body utilize Vitamin D for bone health, supporting the joint matrix even further.

Krill Oil: In addition to raising your body's overall Omega-3 index, krill oil has been shown in multiple studies to help "oil" your joints, including a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial that specifically examined knee comfort.6

What good is a healthy heart, a vibrant brain, and well-oiled joints if you don't have the energy and stamina to enjoy them? People often overlook the important role nutrition plays in vitality, which is why The Purity Super Pill takes this issue head on by targeting how your body produces and utilizes energy.

CoQ10: CoQ10 works inside your cells' mitochondria, the tiny "power packs" that fuel your body. It does this by converting other nutrients into ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which drives healthy cellular function inside your muscles. A recent study found that CoQ10 nutritional supplementation demonstrated positive results in both athletic and nonathletic individuals looking to maintain stamina.7

Vitamin B12: When it comes to cellular energy production and energy metabolism, Vitamin B12 is crucial. Unfortunately, Vitamin B12 absorption declines as we age, making supplementation key in keeping levels where they need to be every day.

Astaxanthin: Astaxanthin is gaining popularity as a powerful antioxidant, with research showing it to be up to 6,000-times more powerful than Vitamin C at quenching free radical singlet oxygen molecules. And in 2013, an extensive sports nutrition study validated Astaxanthin for the role it can play in ramping up energy and promoting endurance.8

Supporting your immune system every day is important to overall health. The Purity Super Pill takes a two-pronged approach to this important pillar of smart nutrition by promoting healthy immune function and supporting antioxidant action to help fight oxidative stress within the body.

Vitamin C: Every great immune function formula starts with Vitamin C. We put a 200 mg of Vitamin C in The Purity Super Pill to make sure you have this important base covered. Vitamin C is crucial for the immune system, plus it provides antioxidant protection for your cells and body tissue.

Vitamin D: One downside of today’s surprising Vitamin D deficiency rates is the effect it has on people’s immune health. Continuing research into this vital nutrient points to how Vitamin D modulates the body’s immune response. That’s why we added 2,000 IU of Vitamin D to The Purity Super Pill to give you the immune function support you need every day.

Zinc: The Purity Super Pill contains a special patented form of zinc known as OptiZinc, which combines this important mineral with the amino acid methionine to enhance absorption. Zinc is required for over 300 enzymatic functions in the body and supports immune health by regulating cell growth.

Don't be fooled—it is not vanity that drives the need for healthy skin. Skin irritation, fine lines and wrinkles, along with weak and brittle hair and nails, can be a reflection of an inner nutritional deficiency that goes beyond hydration issues. The Purity Super Pill supports vibrant skin, healthy hair, and strong nails with a wide array of target nutraceuticals.

Astaxanthin and Grape Seed Extract: These two powerful nutraceuticals provide antioxidant protection for the cells and tissues of your skin to promote youthful looking skin.

Vitamin C: This "go-to" antioxidant is necessary for proper collagen production within your body.

Biotin: Biotin is an essential B-Vitamin for building the proteins your body transforms into hair, skin and nails - including keratin (the main structural component of your beautiful hair and strong nails) and body tissue (which turns into amazing looking skin).

Lutein and Zeaxanthin: While this amazing extract from marigold flowers has earned its reputation as the must-have nutrient for eye health, it is rapidly becoming valued for its ability to block skin-penetrating blue light waves that can cause oxidative stress. Plus, Lutein has been shown in studies to increase surface hydration and elasticity for healthier, more supple skin. We include a 10 mg dose of award-winning Lutemax 2020 Lutein in The Purity Super Pill (along with 2 mg of Zeaxanthin for extra skin and eye health support as well).
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    • Mfg Part # 4335
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