World War II Collector's Set, 6 Films DVD-Set, How Hitler Lost The War, Desert Victory

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WORLD WAR II COLLECTOR'S SET: 6 Films: Released by Echo Bridge in 2009.
DESERT VICTORY: A gritty and tense Academy Award winner, Desert Victory documents the clash of Gremany's General Rommel and Britain's General Montgomery as their militaries collide in battle under harsh desert conditions. Britain's defeat at El Alemein is only a stumbling block on the road to victory as they ultimately conquer the Germans at Tripoli. Notably, Desert Victory utilizes actural German footage of Rommel and Hitler that was confiscated during the skrmish by the British. During the making of this documentary, four British Army camermen were killed, sevenwere wounded, and six were taken prisoner by the enemy--as these brave men captured history-in-the-making on film, they became part of history themselves....
THE NAZIS STRIKE: Masterfully compiled by Col Frank Capra, The Nazis Strike features actual German archival footage--Nazi newsreel propaganda--as a forceful and revealing tool to expose the Third Reich's underhanded acts of politcal and military injustice.
HERE IS GERMANY: An unprecedented WWII documentary, Here Is Germany takes its focus off Allied forces and turns its attention to Germany--a beautiful country populated by a hard-working and prosperous people. From Friedrich the Great to Adolph Hitler, Germany's political figures, government, military and war history are thoughtfully examined.
THE SPREADING HOLOCAUST; The Holocaust spreads across Europe as the Third Reich overwhelms France, Holland, Belgium, Denamrk and Norway. As invastin of the United States becomes reality, the American Army is motivated into action. There is no other option: Germany must be stopped. Utiliziing rare wartime footage, The Spreading Holocaust traces the beginnings of WWII and the U. S.'s involvment fromt he bombing of Pearl Harbor to the invasion of Italy.
HOW HITLER LOST THE WAR: An eye-opening documentary, How Hitler Lost The War examines the theory that Germany essentially won and then lost World War II before 1942. This is a riveting and revealing alternative look at the theories behind the flaws within Hitler's strategy, which ultimately resulted in Germany's defeat and the downfall of his regime.
HITLER'S BRITAIN: London, Spring 1941, Colums Of Wehrmacht soldiers make their way along the Mall, swatikas hang from Buckingham Palace and Junkers scream low overhead--a potent symbol of Nazi victory. The Germans have conquered the capital. Churchill and his government have gone into hiding.
It's a chilling picture: What would the Nazis have done if they had conquered Britain? Filmed in England and using Allied and German documents, blueprints and archive film, this two-part documentary answers one of the most intriguing questions in history.
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