On Hold Tree of heaven 1-2 year old rooted plant (Ailanthus altissima)

Up for sale Heaven fruit tree (Ailanthus altissima) 1-2 year old well rooted plant , 6-12 inches.
Plant will be dug up right before shipping. Shipping with roots wrapped in wet media, partially de-leafed to conserve on water consumption during the trip.

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’Ailanthus altissima 'Tree of Heaven'

Simaroubaceae: a medium-sized tree 27m, with a smooth and light grey bark. The flowers are small and appear in large panicles up to 50 cm in length at the end of new shoots. The individual flowers are yellowish green to reddish in colour, blooming from July-August. This species is dioecious, with male and female flowers being borne on different individuals. The seeds borne on the female trees are 5mm in diameter and each is encapsulated in a samara that is 2.5cm long. The leaves are large, odd- or even-pinnately compound, and arranged alternately on the stem. Native to Eastern Asia - China. But can also be found naturalised in Britain.


The root and stem bark has antispasmodic, astringent, bitter, cardiac depressant, diuretic, emetic, febrifuge, rubefacient and vermifuge properties.

A yellow dye is obtained from the leaves, also the crushed leaves and flowers can be used as an insect-repellent, and when steeped in water, are said to yield an insecticidal solution.
The wood is hard, heavy, difficult to split, not durable, coarse grained. Though little used, except in poorer countries, the wood is suitable for cabinetry, cellulose manufacture, furniture, lumber, pulp, and woodwork. It is difficult to split but easy to work and polish.


Tree of Heaven relatively easy to grow. The dormancy within the seed is short and easily broken.

Fill your chosen container with a good quality general potting compost. Suitable containers could be plant pots, seed trays or plug trays or even improvised containers with drainage holes. Firm the compost gently and sow the seeds on the surface and cover with just the slightest sprinkle of compost -it is though that the presence of light is beneficial for germination. Follow this with a gentle watering.

To maintain enough humidity around the seeds they can be covered with something transparent, such as a clear plastic bag secured with an elastic band for seeds sown in plant pots or could be a sheet of glass or a layer of plastic film (cling film) held off the compost surface.

Usually after a week or so kept at room temperature signs of germination are evident and is wise to gradually remove any covering that was used to raise humidity levels.

Developing seedlings should be fine in full sun, keep them well watered and free of competing weeds. Growth is quite fast will accelerate greatly during the second and subsequent years Developing young trees should be re-potted as necessary preferably during the dormant season. After perhaps 2 years they are ready to be planted in their permanent position.

A very tough and easily grown tree, succeeding under most conditions. The plant prefers a light moist soil and a sheltered position. Prefers a position in full sun or partial shade. A very ornamental tree, it has a somewhat tropical appearance and is fast growing when young, though it is rather short-lived. Tree of heaven 1-2 year old rooted plant (Ailanthus altissima) Tags: plant,live,dormant,sumac,Heaven,fruit,tree,Ailanthus,altissima
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