On Hold Chinese Magnolia Vine, Schisandra chinensis, 60 Seeds (Edible Fruit, Fast, Hardy)

Chinese Magnolia Vine, Schisandra chinensis, 60 Seeds

Fast Growth, Hardy, Adaptable, Easy to Grow, Climbing Vine, Fragrant Flowers, Showy Edible Fruit, Attracts Birds and Wildlife, Cold and Heat Tolerant

Schisandra chinensis is a deciduous, ornamental, woody, twining vine that produces edible fruit and is native to forests of Northern China and the Russian Far East. Commonly known as the Chinese Magnolia Vine, it is one of the most ornamental edible vines you could ever wish to grow. Scratch the bark and an intense, clean fragrance that's a combination of Daphne odora and lime peel will greet your nose. The leaves along the stem are solid green, grouped in threes and slightly heart shaped. The spring flowers are small and sweetly fragrant and are followed by dense grape-like clusters of shiny brilliant red berries ripening in late summer.It is very fast growing and can grow up to 25 feet in a single season. It is recommended to plant more then one plant for cross pollination.

Known as Wu We Zi, translates to 'five flavor fruit' for the sweet, salty, sour, hot and bitter combined flavors of the little red morsels which are much loved by wildlife.
Schisandra chinensis berries are one of the 50 essential ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine. Fresh Schisandra berries are much better tasting than the dried fruit, although both fresh and dried fruit are packed with nutrition. That said, the fresh berries are an acquired taste.

In China, a wine is made from the berries.
In Korean the berries are known as omija (hangul: 오미자) and the tea made from the berries is called omija cha (hangul: 오미자 차).
In Japanese, they are called gomishi (Japanese: ゴミシ). The Ainu people used this plant, called repnihat, as a remedy for colds and sea-sickness.

Other Names: wu wei zi, gomishi, omija cha
Zone: 4 to 10
Growth Rate: Fast
Plant Type: Deciduous Fruiting Vine
Family: Schisandraceae
Native Range: China
Height: 20 to 35 feet
Spread: 15 to 20 feet
Shape: Twining, woody climbing vine
Bloom Time: Spring
Bloom Color: White
Sun: Full Sun to Part Shade
Fall Color: Yellow
Drought Tolerance: Low
Water: Medium
Maintenance: Low
Site Requirements /Soil Tolerances: Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil in sun or shade. Adapts well to most soils. It needs a strong support structure upon which to grow.
Culture: Prune selectively after blooming for a chance of a second set of blossoms in late summer and then cut the plant down to just above the second or third bud in early spring.
Uses: Ideal for pergola, fences, arbors, walls, trellises, porches or other structures.

Sowing Schisandra chinensis Seeds:
For best results, please follow the instructions in the order provided.
Scarify: Use light grid sandpaper to scarify (scratch easy) the seeds for better water adsorption. Soak in water 24-48 Hours
Stratify: Cold 30-60 days, 30-40 Degrees F in a Moist Medium. Best result when stratification is done with temperatures dropping during the night and rising during the day, like it is done in nature.
Germination: Sow 1/4” Deep, Keep moist (Not wet).
For more information about seed pretreatment and growing trees and shrubs from seed, please try the following link:

Seeds Packets are labeled with seed name and sowing details.
Seeds have not been pretreated unless specified in the listing.
Due to the many factors involved in successful germination, Seller cannot be responsible for buyers growing methods or mistakes.
I have provided what I believe to be a good overview on this page (which you are free to print for further reference), however, it is still recommended to check specialist literature for more details and practices specific to your climate and soil conditions to avoid mistakes in the germination and growing process.

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