Silktree (Albizia julibrissin). Mimosa, Persian Acacia bare root plant

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Up for sale ONE Silktree (Albizia julibrissin). Mimosa, Persian Acacia bare root plant.
Plants are 2-3 year old in average, will be trimmed short to 6-8 inches just like on the pictures to promote rooting and branching, planted in container with soil.
Plant will be shipped with roots wrapped in wet media and plastic in the box First class mail.
During the summer - shipping in the container with soil, secured from shifting inside the box via Priority mail.

The Albizia tree is famous for its fabulous summer blooming.

A summary of Albizia facts
Name – Albizia julibrissin
Family – legume family (Fabaceae)
Type – tree

Height – 20 to 40 feet (6 to 12m)
Exposure – full sun
Soil – ordinary

Foliage – deciduous
Flowering – July-August

Care and pruning are such actions that support the albizia’s proper blooming and growth.

Planting albizia
Either of the following two seasons can be the right time to plant Albzia: fall or spring, preferably in a spot sheltered from wind. The most promising season that favors root development is fall, in order to promote settling in, but only if the winter weather is mild enough.

Where winters are cold, favor planting in spring in a sunny spot that is sheltered from wind, because it originally is best suited to mild temperate climate.

Albizia can hold to temperatures as low as about 22-23°F (-5°C).

Find our advice on planting trees here.
Pruning and caring for albizia
Albizia is a very easy tree to grow because it requires practically no care.

Letting its branches spread out freely is what will give it the most beautiful stature.
It naturally grows to form an umbrella-like shape that it is best not to try to change.
Remove suckers often, those shoots that emerge at the base of the tree.
If you wish to reduce the size or balance branch growth:

Wait for the end of the blooming.
Try to keep its umbrella-like shape.
How to increase the blooming of your albizia
To enhance the albizia’s blooming, you can add granulated flower tree or shrub fertilizer in spring.

Scratch the ground down to an inch (a couple centimeters) deep around the trunk.
Bury a few handfuls of flower shrub or flower tree fertilizer there.
And then cover with soil.
The rain will do what’s left to be done, slowly washing out the granulated fertilizer to make the nutrients available for the roots.
You can also simply prepare your own liquid fertilizer if you’ve got weeds in the garden you must get rid of

Prepare fertilizer from fermented weeds
All there is to know about albizia
Pink and white albizia flowers close-up.Pink red flowers with long soft needle-shaped stamens really seem to burst out and are very elegant. Both the leaves and the flowers contribute to establishing a feeling of airy lightness.

This is the reason this tree is also called the “silk tree”.

Another name for it is acacia tree, or sometimes also the Persian mimosa tree.

In the United States, many people call this tree “mimosa”, which is confusing because another tree holds that name in Europe: Acacia dealbata.
Its beauty should lead you to plant it as a standalone to best take advantage of its many appealing characteristics.

International orders contact me first, soil less, roots wrapped in wet media. I do not ship to all countries. Priority mail recommended during hot and cold season. Contact me if you need it fast.

Beware of plant quarantine in your country. Seller will not be responsible for confiscated items on the border. Buy responsible.
Can not ship to citrus producing states such as California , Florida. Check your local laws for entry citrus plants. I can not be responsible for confiscated items on your state border.

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