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2013 1000 Francs CFA Piliocolobus Foai Monkey - Sterling Silver

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This low mintage sterling silver coin is dedicated to the protection of unique wildlife, and features the red colobus monkey. The design features a monkey crouched, holding onto a branch, with selective colour foliage in the background. The coin has a legal tender value of 1000 Francs in The Central African Republic. Mintage is limited to just 2,013 coins.

The red colobus monkeys use their long tail for balance while they swing through the treetops on the lookout for food in the form of leaves or fruit. They live in tropical forest habitats, where they live in large groups of up to 50. The group constellations are somewhat fluid with individual monkeys moving between groups, especially in their adolescence. Thus, not all individuals in a group are directly related to each other. Females usually outnumber the larger males, which can weigh up to 11 kg, but young males occasionally form small bachelor groups. A strong dominance hierarchy within each group determines access to the best food.
The plastic capsule and outer black case have some damage - please see photos.
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