Joan Collins, James Taylor, Robert Wagner, Renoir, John Scalia, Apollonia, Madonna, Pete Rose

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Issue Date: October 1985
Features: Portrait (pix of JAMES TAYLOR including pix with KATHRYN TAYLOR, CARLY SIMON, ARETHA TAYLOR & HUGH TAYLOR & ALEXANDRA TAYLOR & BEN TAYLOR), Here Comes Halley's (912 of HENRY GICLAS plus pix & illustrations of HALLEY'S COMET, EDMOND HALLEY, JESUS CHRIST, DR EDMUND PAUL HALLEY SR & RYAN HALLEY), Inside The IRA (pix), Chez Rnoir (works by & pic of PIERRE AUGUSTE RENOIR including pic with ALBERT ANDRE & MARGUERITE ANDRE plus pic of SOPHIE RENOIR plus pix), Many Faces Of (Cover & 3 18x12s & 3 9x12s plus pix of JOAN COLLINS including pix with REID MILES, VIRGINIA MAAS & BET DeSORT, JOHN MALONE, JO BAKER, JIM WATTERS), Mourning Samantha (pic of ROBERT WAGNER & SAMANTHA SMITH), Royal Watch (pix of PRINCESS STEPHANIE), PRINCESS CAROLINE & STEFANO CASTRAGHI & PRINCE RAINER), Two Worlds Of (pix of EDMUND PERRY including pic with NICOL PERRY & VERONICA PERRY & JONAH PERRY SR plus pix of JONAH PERRY JR, ARIEL plus pix), Strapless (Fashion Editorial), 3 Big Shots (pix featuring CARL MYDANS & DMITRI KESSEL & JOHN PHILLIPS plus pix of VINCENT AURIOL, GENERAL DOUGLAS MacARTHUR, WINSTON CHURCHILL, QUEEN FREDERIKA & MARSHAL TITO, KING FAROUK plus pix), TV's New Vice (9x12 of JOHN SCALIA plus pic of BETTY WHITE & BEA ARTHUR & RUE McCLANAHAN plus pic), Just Call Her Apples (pic of APOLLONIA)
Smaller articles: In The Studio (pic of JOAN COLLINS & JIM WATTERS & REID MILES), Two Voices Crying In The Wilderness (pix of GARY BURCHETTE, KAREN BURCHETTE & KENNENTH THOMAS & LINDA THOMAS), On A Break (pic of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN), Cleaning Up A Disaster (pix of JAPAN AIR FLIGHT 123), Would You Buy A Car Off This Lot (pic of LOS ANGELES HARBOR), Farewell To A Faithful Friend (pic of ALAN KEITH & TIVOLI), Oral Hygiene (18x1w HAINS POINT), Unfashion Plate (pic of MADONNA), Salty Star (pic of RUTH GORDON), Lofty Politics (pic of EDWARD I KOCH & MUHAMMAD AALAM CHANNA), Ty-Breaker (pic of PETE ROSE of CINCINNATI REDS), Chinese Junket (pic of ROBERT DOLE & ELIZABETH DOLE), Bar Mitzvah (pic of ERIC STORM), Arson's Aftermath (pic of PASSALE NEW JERSEY), Sedan 1981-1985 R I P (pic of JEANNE BAKER), Colossal Castle (pic of PACIFIC BEACH CALIFORNIA), Political Infighting (14x9 of CARLOS PLAZA & LENIN ROSERO), Small Circle Of Friends (18x12 of FREEPORT ILLINOIS), Friend In Need (pix of AMANDA THE PANDA including pix with TARA JOHNSON, MICHAEL BROWN, CHARLIE STRINGHAM, LISA ZIMMERMAN & SUSIE ZIMMERMAN, JOE ZIMMERMAN, JoANN ZIMMERMAN & AMY DOUTHIT)
Random photos are of: Contents (pix of JOAN COLLINS, JAMES TAYLOR plus pix), Only In America (pic of HANTSCHO INC)
Fun-sized pix catch: Letters (pic of JOEL MEYEROWITZ)
Ads have names like: Winston (9x12), Magnavox (9x12), ADOLF HITLER, WALTER CRONKITE, HERMANN GOERING, JOSEPH GOEBBLES (9x12 CBS Video Library), Saxon (9x12), TDK (9x12), Delta Queen (9x12), Panasonic (9x12), Zenith (9x12), Salem (9x12), Royal Caribbean (2 9x12s), Camel (9x12), Oscar Mayer (9x12), KIKO DALMAU (2 9x12s Puerto Rico), Canon, Duracell, Kodak, Minolta, Olympus, Pentax (12 pages), Benson & Hedges (9x12), Haggar (9x12), Man's Diamond (9x12), Post (9x12), JOHN HUSTON (2 9x12s Mitsubishi), Panasonic (9x12), CLIFF ROBERTSON (9x12 AT&T), Sterling (9x12), Yoplait (9x12), JAMESON PARKER (9x12 NRA), United (18x12), Kent (9x12)
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