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$218,990 Load-And-Pack 74-TD 3.6 (Less Compactor Box)


Front Dumping 9.5 cu. yd. 4 to 1 Compactor Box (#46956) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8,970

Rear Dumping only offered in 7 cu. yd. 4 to 1 Compactor Box (#46413) . . . . . . . . $9,484

Self-Dumping 9.5 cu. yd. 4 to 1 Compactor Box with hydraulics (#47206) . . . . . $17,680

Self-Dumping 9.5 cu. yd. 4 to 1 Compactor Box less controls/hydraulics.
(9.5 cu. yd. box replacement available only) (#47207) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$13,740

Customizing Items for Load and Pack Vehicles 2023 Options.

Cab 12v power outlets, 2 together w/ USB . . Standard $159.00
Air Ride Cab . . N/C
Air Ride Seat . . N/C
Cab air pump controls for “Air Ride” (in cab) adjustment . . Standard $699
Cab fan in cab area . . Standard $108
Plywood behind oil Reservoir for cab engine heat reduction (installed) . . $259
Guard (right side) for glass protection from falling objects (installed) . . $625
Grip Arms – Std. version 19-25” (w/ overlapping end pts) installed at facility . . Standard N/C
Grip Arms – Std. but special 19-25” (without overlap end pts) . . Option $210
Grip Arms – Smaller version, 16-23” for smaller wire baskets/cans . . Option $219
Grip Arms – Optional for Cascade type cans (Rect.) Special Style . . Option $248
Tires - Optional for some asphalt use (4-BFG All Terrain) . . Add $114 Each (4)
New LP Conversion kit for Self-Dumping Box use - Controls only . . $1,684
Self-Dumping Box controls: control levers, hydraulic cylinders, hoses, etc. . . $4,140
Deodorizer to squirt cans with Odor killing spray . . $998
Barrel Lids (poly – fits 23-24” dia. Barrels, etc. (Custom colors & decals avail.) . . $69.90 ea.

Reduced vibration, air ride cab, air ride seat, all glass, Deutz Performance, taller cab, 3 way cameras (sides & rear view),larger engine fan, 100 AMP alternator, galvannealed steel cab, LED lights, improved backup alarm, marine wiring and connectors, plus much more.

Access any sand or terrain with dual axle drive and special tires.
Hydraulic grip has been designed to grab and lift up to 500 pounds, and containers from 26 to 90 gallons.
Pick up more than 400 trash containers daily with one operator.
Cycle time for lift and return is approximately 5 seconds.
Hydraulically off and on-load compactor boxes easily with one operator.

Airide cab & seat.
All glass.
Kubota performance.
3 way cameras.
Taller cab.
9.5 cuyd compactor (optional).

Used in Most Major Parks and Beaches.

Easily off-load a filled box and on-load an empty box.

Compacts refuse while traveling. The large No.7 compactor box has 4:1 compaction rate – handling up to 28 yards of refuse in a single load.
(front version only)
Handles up to 38 cu yd compacted.

Hydraulics quickly lift and empty refuse containers. Lift, dump, and return in approximately five seconds.

The Load and Pack grips most container sizes from 26 gallon up to 90 gallon, depending on grip arm options.Securely lifts up to 500 pounds of refuse in a single container.

Overlap for positive container grip and also handle Toter’s attractive, lockable 60-gallon containers.

HD MUD FLAPS on both front wheels and with reinforced steal rims.

AIR RIDE SEAT in all Load and Packs.

New design makes it easy to clean the radiator. Simply remove two hex nuts and pivot hydraulic heat exchanger and air conditioner condenser to the side for improved access.

LOADING ARM CAPACITY Standard lift arm will grip and lift 55 to 90 gallon containers weighing up to 500 lbs.
Smaller containers require optional shorter grip arms.

Pivot shafts and bearings have been enlarged to handle 50% greater radial load. Longer vertical shaft spreads the bearings for better frame strength. Bearing blocks and bolts are also larger for improved strength. Greased, sealed bearings protect against dirt and water. Hydraulic hoses are protected with wear resistant covers.

Cab door is steel with keyed lock and is wider (29 1/2”) Armour coating on inside and cab floor.
Automotive sealer on cab roof and bolts.

3.3 Liter, 4 cylinder 74 hp AT 2600 rpm.
CARB, EEC, EPA. Vehicle travels up to 18 + mph.
No reclamation muffler required.

provides a durable, corrosion-resistant finish.


ADJUSTABLE TILT STEERING WHEEL with 5 positions allows for ease of driving for all Load-And-Pack users.

SHOVEL HOLDERS are standard on all boxes.

EASY ACCESS HITCH receiver enables using standard and towing hardware for repair or maintenance towing.

BOX FLOOR SCRAPER keeps debris away from compactor box hinge.

WHISKERS retain the garbage in the container even on the windiest of days when dumping.

CAB STEPS facilitates easy access.



Full-time 4-wheel drive makes the Load-And-Pack ideal for use on the softest sand as well as hard surfaces.
Large tires provide turf protection and excellent flotation.

Famous properties utilize our unique refuse collection system.

Use the versatile Load-And-Pack in parks, on beaches, and in residential areas! Great on board walks
and other hard to access areas.

Handles most containers without damage; plastic containers, wire baskets or steel drums. Adjustable grip pressure and hydraulic lock valves maintain a secure grip.

Center articulated design and power steering maximizes maneuverability. Drive anywhere, back out with ease.

Private campgrounds need eco-friendly equipment around visitors.

Compatible with most packers. The Load-And-Pack uses No. 7 compactor boxes with front dumping capabilities.

The Load-And-Pack uses No. 7 compactor boxes with rear dumping capabilities.

An optional self-dumping No. 7 box is available for use with stationary compactors and/or ground dumping operations.

Length: 19 ft. 6 in. with box and with arm down.16 ft. 6 in. without box and with arm down.
Width: 6 ft. 9 in. (8 ft. 1 in. with mirrors).
Height: 108 in. with box in open position.133 in. with windscreen in compacted position.144 in. with lift arm in top position.
Wheel Base: 108 in.
Turning Diameter: 42 ft. 1 in. OD with mirrors and 36X13.50-15 tires.
Weight:Base unit: 7300 lbs.No. 7 box: 2100 lbs.
Empty total: 9400 lbs. (with rear dump box).
Gross: 12,900 lbs
.#7 box:Rear: 2150 lbs. (poly covers)
Front: 2150 lbs. (poly covers)
Self-Dumping: 2550 lbs.
Capacity: 7 cubic yards. (28 cu.yds. compacted)
Overall length:110 in.
Width: 81 in. (87 in. pin width)
Height:67 in.
Shovel holders (All weights and measurements areapproximate and subject to change).

Instruments: ammeter, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, fuel gauge, electronic tachometer,hour meter, driving horn button, turn signal, flashers and neutralstart switch. Hydraulic oil temperature gauge, hydrostatic charge pump pressure gauge.
GRIP -LIFT, to clamp refuse container forlifting and transport refuse container todump position.
CRUSH, to crush top refuse downward in box.
TILT, to separate box from vehicle.
COMPACT, to compress refuse in box.
OPEN-CLOSE, optional, on a self-dump boxAir ride cab and seat. (2” taller cab) Ignition switch.Hand throttle.Fail safe brake valve.Foot treadle, hydrostatic directional and service brake. Light switches, Head, Work, and Strobe Lights.Windshield & other windows: Safety glass, tinted.Windshield wiper: electric, two speed.Air cushioned seat with weight adjustment for operator,includes seat belt.5 position tilt steering wheel Cab door is steel with keyed lock. Air conditioner, heater and defroster.Mud flaps on front wheels.Armour coating on inside and cab floor.Automotive sealer on cab roof and bolts.Cab step

LOADING ARM CAPACITY Standard lift arm will grip and lift 55 to 90 gallon containers weighing up to 500 lbs, 5 second cycle time (approx.), added steel thickness for less flex. Smaller containers require shorter grip arms. Please specify your containers used.

74 hp. Kubota 3307 Tier IVi (4 cylinder) 3.3 liter.
Emission Certifications: CARB; EEC; EPA.
Fuel tank: 32 gal. approx.
Fuel: No. 1, No. 2 or DF-A, DF-1, DF-2.
Coolant: 4.5 gal. approx. (shipped 1/2 permanent antifreeze, 1/2 water.)
Cold weather block heater, 110 volt, 1000 watt. 78-amp alternator (sealed).

Pivot design for easy cleaning and repair.

Saur Danfoss tandem hydrostatic, Federal Gear pump drive, variable displacement pumps & fixed displacement
Charlynn/Eaton Hydraulic motors.
Hydraulic oil: Mobil DTE25: capacity, 20 gal. approx.
Hydraulic filter system, 5 micron absolute rating on charge pump filter and 10 micron absolute rating on return filter.

Dana Corporation. Front and rear, 70 series axle.
Hoses are protected by using hose with super-tough abrasion resistant cover. Prince Hydraulics cylinders with heavy duty seals.
Improved articulation joint and sealed spherical bearings. Joint is up to 60% stronger with bearing radial load increased 50% over earlier models.
Wheels, 8 holes on 6.5 B.C. (5/8” 90 degree nut). Rod reinforced. Tires, 36 x 13.50-15 NHS, Titan high flotation, all terrain. Receiver hitch on vehicle front for emergency towing.
Service brake is hydrostatic.
Mico parking and emergency brakes are a hydraulic release fail safe with manual activator in cab (4 wheel).
Automatic, 12 volt, 125 dba.
Standard vehicle paint - powder coat and 2 part industrial yellow polyurethane.
Compactor box paint-2 part white polyurethane.
2 high-low beam halogen headlights, 2 LED taillights, 4 turn signals, 4 flashers, 1 lift arm light, 1 box and compactor light, strobe light, dome light, backup light, lighted instrument gauges. 3 way cameras (back & sides).
15 second cycle time (approx.) 4-to-1 density.
Articulation pivot, full load sensitive Char-lynn hydraulics. Tilt steering wheel (5 positions).
    • Brand Broyhill
    • Mfg Part # 74-TD
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Shipping UPS, see description.
Return/Exchange Policy

Return Policy.

A Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number must be obtained from customer service (1-239-357-1853). Products must be unused and in their original cartons. No discontinued or obsolete items will be accepted. For safety reasons, no returns can be accepted on HEPA items. Customer pays return freight charges and 15% restocking fee, except when return is due to freight damage. We reserves the right to refuse any return not in compliance with the above.

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