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RARE Church community recipe book cookbook of favorite recipes compiled by Always Shining Bible Class of the First Church United Brethren in Christ, Hershey PA Pennsylvania. It’s dated 1943 on title page (see image), measures approx 6”x 8-1/4” with 69 pages and securely bound cardstock covers, not abrasive rings or sensitive plastic spirals. There is no Table of Contents or Index and gives no printing/publisher credit. Cookbook is full of typed-format recipes, double-sided, with no illustrations or hints/tips page fillers. There are approx 219 recipes and 182 unique contributors, you KNOW there is a good variety of MANY good recipes!

Mrs D Arthur Allison - Lima Bean Salad
Mrs Ira Baker - Corn Bread Patties
Mrs Harold Balmer - Meat Balls Supreme
Mrs Marlin Balsbaugh - Ham Loaf
Lois Barnhart - Uncooked Fudge
Reba M Barnhart - Apple Fritters
Mrs John S Baum - Delicious Salad
Mrs Mayme Bentz - Left-over Ham & Sweet Potatoes, Pot Roast with Vegetables
Irene Bicksler - Irish Stew, Rivel Soup (PAP) or Farmer’s Rice
Joyce Black - Chicken Pie (Southern Style)
Samuel Black - Grape & Apple Butter
Mrs R W Bohner - Water Chocolate Cake
Mrs A C Bomgardner - Medallion Sugar Cookies
Mrs Bosche - Snitz & Knep
Mrs Mabel Bothwell - Spanish Steak
Mrs Thea/Theo K Bowman - Molasses Cookies, Cocoanut Gelatin Dessert
Mrs Viola S Boyer - Chocolate Toastroons, Paradise Pudding, Risotto
Mrs Brandt - Banana Pie
Mrs Arthur R Brinser - Cherry Pudding
Mrs Charles Brinser - Spice Cake
Mrs Broschi - Italian Meat Sauce with Potato Dumplings (or w/ Noodles)
Arthur Brown - Baked Steak
David Brown - Tapioca Cream
Donald Brown - One Dish Meal (hmbg)
Mrs Lydia Brown - Cookie Delights
Miriam Brown - Steam Dumplings
Roy Brown - Bread
Mrs W W Brunner - White Nut Cake, Escalloped Potatoes
Mrs Wilson Cake - Conservation Spice Cake
Mrs George W Cassel - Chocolate Cake
Mrs Earl Christ - Orange Delight
Stella Christ - Walnut Cookies
Mary Ann Coldren - Cocoanut Strips
Charles Copp - Tuna Fish Casserole
Mrs Charles Copp - Ice-Box Cinnamon Rolls
Lois and Pauline Copp - Corn Relish
Mrs Floyd Deppen - Walnut Taffy
Mrs Frank Detwiller - Regular Bread, Chocolate Cake
Mrs Richard Dietrich - Hot Noodle Dish
Richard O Dietrich - Candied Sweet Potatoes
Mrs I O Dise - Chocolate Cake
Treva E Dise - Butter Scotch Pie
Viola Duffy - Walnut Cake
Mrs Byron Ehly - Mock Chicken Dish (tuna fish), Hot Noodle Dish
Jack Emerich - Pineapple-Pecan Salad
L P Emerich - Chicken Patties
Mrs L P Emerich - Pineapple & Apricot Preserve
Lewis Emerich Jr - Pumpkin Pie
Harry M Etter - Chili Con Carne
Mrs Harry M Etter - Jiffy Icing for Busy-Day Cake
Mrs Harvey Etter - Cocoanut Custard Pie
Jeanne Etter - Cabbage-Apple-Raisin Salad
Verling S Etter - Marguarettes
Harry Fasnacht - French Dressing
Lester Fasnacht - Lemon Sponge
Sara Fasnacht - Muffins
Mrs S R Fawber - Chocolate Caramels
Mrs Alvin Flowers - Ham Loaf Supreme
Mrs R C Flowers - Golden Glow Salad
Mrs Ezra Foltz - Ice Box Cookies
Mrs Cyrus Garman - Vanilla Cup Cakes
D Frank Garman - Pumpkin Pie, Dinner in a Dish (hmbg steak)
Mrs D Frank Garman - Cranberry Salad with Dressing, Uncooked Loaf Cake
Dorothy K Garman - Refrigerator Rolls
Mrs Harry Garman - Molasses Cookies
Landis C Garman II - Marionettes Cookies
Linda Louise Garman - Toasted Cocoanut Ice Cream
Anna Gelbaugh - Cocoa Cup Cakes
Mrs Paul Gipe - Fruit Pudding
Mrs John Gordon - Montgomery Pie
Gladys Graboski - Baked Pork Chop
Charles Grothe - Ranger Cookies
Mrs Charles Grothe - Spaghetti
Blanche Grubb - July Salad
Mrs Harry Habecker - Walnut Cookies
Sadie Habecker - Walnut Cookies
Mary Handshue - Hermits Cookies, Golden Glow Cola Salad, Penuche
Margaret Henderson - Orange Bread, Creamed Chicken with Sauce
Mrs Grace Hinkle - Strawberry Pie
Mrs Malcolm Hocker - Vanilla Cup Cakes
Mrs Uriah Hoerner - Meat Loaf
Mrs H H Hostetter - Orange Juice Gelatine
Mr & Mrs Harold Ingram - Lemon Jello Fruit Dessert, Swiss Steak
Mrs Roy Johnson - Chocolate Pudding with Heavenly Sauce
Mrs J Keener - Graham Cracker Pie
Mrs Minerva Keggereis - Sour Milk Biscuits, Sugar Biscuits
Mrs John W Kiebler - Holiday Fruit Cake
Patricia A Kiebler - Chipped Chocolate Cookies
R E Kiebler - Slum (round steak)
Ruth R Kiebler - Molasses Crumb Pie
Mrs Irvin W Knoll - Fruit Cake
Mrs Richard Knoll - Pennsylvania Dutch Raised Doughnuts
Mrs Russell Koons - Spice Cake
Mrs Kathryn Kunkle - Spice Cake (recipe & name submitted twice p10 & p17)
Mrs Daniel Lewis - Chocolate Drop Cookies, Butter Cocoa Frosting
Nancy J Lewis - Butter Scotch Candy
Sylvia R Lewis - Butter Scotch Candy
Mrs Mary E Lingle - Cookie Recipe
Virgie Lingle - Chocolate Cake
Mrs Roy Long - Spanish Rice
Virgie/Virginia Long - Banana Cake, Prune Cake
Mrs John Ludwick - Creole Steak with Potatoes
E H Madciff - Clam Pie
Mrs E H Madciff - Scalloped Crabs
Mrs Ward Mathias - Health Salad
Mrs Earl R Mays - Apple Brown Betty
Mrs Charles B Miller - Chocolate Cake
Mrs Walter L Miller - Sugar Drop Cookies
Bessie P Moyer - Refrigerator Rolls
Mrs Kathleen Muench - Chocolate Cake, Cottage Pudding w/ Vanilla Sauce (Boston Cook Book by Fannie Farmer), Graham Cracker Custard
Mrs Clifford Myers - Chocolate Monche Cake
Mrs Clarence Newcomer - Pecan Fudge
Gloria Noval - Swedish Meat Balls
Mary Noval - French Chocolate Cake
Mrs Roy Packer - Bran Bread
Gladys Phillips - Date Bars
Mrs Harold Pierce - Angel Gingerbread
Mrs Rhoda Shearer Puck - Left Over Meat, Onion & Potato Soup
Mrs Hayes H Reilly - Chocolate Cup Cakes
Mrs H W Reilly - Raised Doughnuts
Mrs Floyd Renshaw - Lemon Graham Cracker Pudding
Mrs David Rittle - Molasses Cookies
Marlin C Rouch - Savory Meat Loaf
Mrs U J Runkel - Peanut Macaroons
Gladys Sanders - Chocolate Cake
Mrs H E Sanders - Ice Box Cookies
Mrs David Sattazahn - Black Walnut Layer Cake
David H Sattazahn - Shufly Pies
Mrs Robert Sattazahn - Chicken Spaghetti
Mrs Spencer Schreffler - Chocolate Drops
Carl Seavers - Cocoanut Cookies
Carol Seavers - Raspberry Sherbert
J V Seavers - Sugar Cookies
John F Seavers - Chocolate Cup Cakes
Lois Seavers - Scalloped Corn
Mrs Paul Seavers - Grape Butter
Mrs Bertha A Shearer - Creamed Dried Beef, Omelet
Mrs Laurence Shindledecker - Dutch Crumb Cake
Mrs Howard Sillik - Creole Eggs
Mrs Helen E Sipe - Upside-Down Ham Loaf
Mrs W Slaybaugh - Grapenut Bread
Betty Smith - Cooked Fudge
Mrs Sara Smith - Crumb Pie
Mrs Parke Spancake - Veal Patties in Mushroom Sauce
Mrs LeVere Spohn - Chow Mein
Mrs Irvin State - Sugar Drop Cookies
Mrs Paul Sternberger - Sour Milk Chocolate Cake
Glenn Stover - Brownies
Janice Stover - Chocolate Cake
Jim Stover - Brownies
Mrs M C Stover - Vegetable Soup
Mr William Straw - Filled Cookies
Violet Strine -Cabbage Slaw
Audrey Stump - Drop Fruit Cookies
Mrs H J Stump - Baking Powder Biscuits
Shirley Stump - Swiss Steak
Mrs Chas Swartz - Sugar Cookies
Mark Swartz - Poultry Stuffing
Mrs Mark Swartz - Barbecued Meat Loaves with Zippy Sauce
Swartz Family - Janice, Mary Lou & David - Potatoburgers (hmbg/potato patties)
Daniel N Tippin - Orange Pudding
Mrs Daniel N Tippin - Delicious Cinnamon Nut Rolls
Elaine Tippin - Macaroni Salad
Curtis Tracy - Chop Suey
Helen L Tracy - Porcupine Beef Balls
Esther Light Wagner - Delicious Pie
Mrs I Earl Walmer - Waffles
Jean Walmer - Puffed Rice or Puffed Wheat Balls
Mrs Katie Walmer - Sugar Cookies, Fruit Pudding
Gladys Weber - Spinach & Noodles
Mrs Weist - Peach Marmalade
Mrs Ray Willard - Molasses Cookies
Mrs Daniel Yost - Molasses Cookies
Dick Zentmeyer - Chicken Puff
Mrs Paul Zentmeyer - Strawberry Shortcake
Anna Zoll - Walnut Cookies, Tea Cookies, Salad Dressing
John K Zoll - Corn Pone
Mrs E.H. - Stuffed Peppers
M.M.L. - Sweet Potato Casserole
One Who Likes to Cook - Sunday Night Supper
… A Friend - Waffle or Pancake Spread, Chicken Paprika with Spaetzel, Frankfurters & Filling, Kidney Stew, Chickenburgers, Ham or Chicken (Leftovers), Baked Beans, Hungarian Goulash, Boiled (soft rib) Dinner, Stuffed Cabbage, Stuffed Onions, Chicken Salad
… No Name - Busy-Day Cakes, Butter Tarts, Ham Loaf with Mustard Sauce

Local Ads:
Cappelli’s Beauty Shop ~ Baum’s Bakery ~ S A Bomgardner’s Dairy ~ Ruth Stohler Boyer Beauty Shop ~ Mandes’ Drug Store ~ Wagner’s Store ~ The Farmers Bank of Hummelstown PA ~ DeAngelis Bros Grill and Soda Fountain, Hershey PA ~ Spire Electric, Hummelstown PA, the General Electric Store ~ Doutrichs, Harrisburg PA, Clothing - Hats - Furnishings - Shoes For Men, Young Men and Boys “Always Reliable” ~ Lauck Bros News Agency, Palmyra PA, Gifts - Stationery - Sporting Goods - Tobaccos ~ H W Kreider Clothier, Palmyra PA, Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes - Arrow Shirts ~ Mallory Hats ~ Interwoven Socks ~ Rothermel Funeral Home, Palmyra PA “Beauty and Dignity Without Extravagance” ~ H B Smith, Hershey PA, Pontiac Sales Service - Local and Long Distance Moving ~ H B Reese Candy Co, Hershey PA ~ J C Hess Garage, Hershey PA, Ford Sales and Service ~ George Fromm Modern Pasteurizing Dairy, Hummelstown PA, Milk and Cream, Ho-Made Ice Cream, Our Specialty is Golden Guernsey, Clarified and Pasteurized ~ E H Givler, Middletown PA, Coal - Produce - Poultry - Wood ~ Hauer’s, Hummelstown PA, Shoes - Dry Goods - Ladies and Gents Furnishings - Ladies Ready-to-Wear - Variety and Gift Dept - Hosiery and Infants Wear ~ John B Curry’s Sons, Swatara Sta PA and Palmyra PA, Dealers in Coal - Grain - Seeds, Etc, Manufacturers of and Dealers in High Grade Flour - Mill Feed, Etc, Flour for your Bread and Cakes, Coal for your heating, Feed for your pets and animals, Fertilizer for your garden.

Condition: Covers & Pages are Very Good. I checked EVERY page to enter all the names! (I include ALL names in ALL fundraiser-type cookbooks because I know how frustrating it is to hope and wonder if specific contributors/recipes are included in a book, only to find out they’re not, upon receipt.) Covers (few spots & slight edge wear on front/back - see images) & all pages are attached, tight, & in excellent condition. Pages are mostly clean with no tears (there is a folded-down chip on title page top edge as shown in Image #2), no highlighting. A spot on outside page edges affected inside page edges of pages 32-38. Cooking drops on pages 40-43. Some pages have dog-ears to corner TIPS only. The word “good” is penciled at recipes on pages 20 (Medallion Sugar Cookies), page 21 (Chipped Chocolate Cookies) and page 25 (Chocolate Drop Cookies). Inked writing to Sugar Drop Cookies recipe (page 21) and Apple Fritters recipe (page 60). This rare gem is 75-years old, and I hope it will bring joy to one of the 182 named recipe contributors or to a loved one. It took a VERY long time for me to enter all & doublecheck for accuracy. Books are NOT from smoke-free or pet-free environment. Please see above THREE supersized images ... they are part of the description ... covers color appear more orange than the tan color that they are & the back cover has no yellow blotches as appear on my monitor. Email with questions or requests.

Shipping: Free Local PA Pickup (key on above Payments, Shipping & Policies tab for details).
Buyer pays $4.00 (NOT for typical Media/Bookrate shipping NOR ANY handling fees!) ------------>>> Seller will add to your $4.00 and pay the extra dollars for upgrade to FIRST CLASS/PRIORITY that will include insurance, tracking number/info, faster delivery, and more gentle handling by the USPS than Media/Bookrate to better protect the binding on your keepsake.

Seize this scarce book for posterity, the descendants, future generations of those who contributed the recipes ... this legacy may be all there is! … Perfect as a gift for birthdays, Christmas, newborn grandchild or just to say “I love you and cherish the memories.”

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