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Community fundraiser recipe book cookbook collection of favorite recipes compiled by Fox Island, WA, Washington state, Historical Society titled Flavors of Fox Island. Cookbook is dated Winter 1991-1992 and measures approx 6-1/2”x 9” with 113 indexed pages. Cookbook is full of typed-format recipes with a few drawn illustrations, and with 287 recipes and 99 unique contributors, you KNOW there is a good variety of MANY good recipes!

Contents: Appetizers, Pickles, Relishes (19) ~ Soups, Salads, Vegetables (68) ~ Main Dishes (76) ~ Breads, Rolls, Pastries (34) ~ Cakes, Cookies, Desserts (54) ~ Candy, Jelly, Preserves (11) ~ Beverages, Microwave, Miscellaneous (25)

Doris E Allmer - Crispy Oven Baked Chicken Legs, Turkey Dijon, Huckleberry Coffee Cake, Feather Rolls, Yuletide Toffee Squares
Dale Bonnelycke - Spicy Apricot Surprise, Somen Salad, Baked Oysters
Mary E Botnen - Broccoli Cheese Casserole, Scandia Day Tarts, Poppy Seed
Cake Pamela “Murph” Botnen - Easy Somen Soup, Cheese Sauce, Thumbprint Cookies
Rosemary Brynestad - Minnesota Wild Rice Soup, Lentil Soup, Chicken Dijon
Barbara Buck - Gelatin Egg Salad, Pineapple Cottage Cheese Salad, 5-Cup Salad, Cheeseburger Pie, Clam Casserole
Diana J Bushnell - Stir-Fry Fish
Vida Callentine - No Fuss Baked Chicken, Sweet & Sour Shrimp, New Orleans Pecan Pie, Effie’s Stir-In-Pan Cake
Ade Chapman - Bean Slaw via Harriette MacDuff
Lenore Clem - Buttermilk Pudding or Pie
Michele Davy - Polish Potluck
Julie Desseau - Sausage Souffle, Apple Cake
Patti Devine - Garlic Chicken, Fruit Pizza, Homemade Peppermint Schnapps, Homemade “Bailey’s”
Jeannette Douglas - Spinach Balls, Ginger Crinkles, Stir-N-Drop Cookies, Biscotti
Lori Eckler - Sweet & Sour Sauce, I Don’t Believe It’s Pie, Hershey Brownies
Margie Eckler - Pasta Toss, Broiled Reuben Muffins, Rosy Microwave Applesauce, Microwave Vegetable Casserole
Dorothy Eister - Creamy Scrambled Eggs, Cheese Onion Pie
Jerry Ekberg - Baked Chicken Casserole, Another Apple Cake
Charlotte Eldridge - Yummy Cabbage Salad, Spinach Pie - Spanakopita, Macaroni & Cheese Special
Jeff Feagin - Real Alabama Corn Bread
Nan Feagin - Apple Stuffed Winter Squash
Elizabeth Fisher - Peas & Peanut Salad, Never Fail Pie Crust, Mexican Fruit Cake, Oatmeal Cake, Divinity Cookies
Juanita Fowler - Sweet & Sour Carrots, Pollo Al Barolo - Chicken in Wine, Pizza Napoletana, Egg Noodles, Pasta Verde - Green Pasta
Norma Friermuth - Crab Dip
Hal Goodell - Classic Zucchini Sauce
Cheri Grant - Pine Nut Salad Dressing, Pepper & Onion Shortcake
Sandy Gruvman - Supreme Fruit Salad, Jean’s Shrimp Salad, Brussels Sprouts with Cashews, Hot Dog Bread Sticks
Barbara Hess - Sweet & Sour Green Beans, Almond Wafers, Almond Wafers
Connie Hoveland - Italian Stuffed Bread, Breakfast Rolls
Madge Hubbard - Kelp Pickles, Mussels, Clam Bake, Seaweed Pudding (no kidding!)
Bessie Hunt - Macaroni-Olive Salad, Easy Fruitcake, Chocolate Glaze or Thin Frosting
Rose Ann Hunt - Mushroom Bake, Turkey Barley Soup, Old-Fashioned Potato Soup, Winter Salad, Marinated Cauliflower-Vegetable Salad, Creamy Potato Salad (lite sour cream makes dressing smoother than cottage cheese), 3-Bean Casserole, Mashed Potato Casserole, Chicken Rice Delight, Clam Casserole, Huckleberry Pie, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, Mother’s (Mom Ford) Lemon Mystery Pudding, Huckleberry Jelly, Microwave Oysters Rockefeller, Microwave Veggie Platter, Microwave Glazed Cauliflower, Microwave Peanut Brittle, Microwave Quick Chili Con Carne, Microwave Chicken Cacciatore
Ed Imes - Texas Hash
Diane Ketcham - Shrimp Creole Surprise
Eleanor E Kibler - Gelatin Salad, Pear Amber Jam
Nancy Kline - Caramel Fudge Cake, Frozen Chocolate Frango
Doris Larson - Oatmeal Wheat Flakes
Susan Law - Baked Stuffed Sirloin, Good Healthy Bars
Liz Lockett - Mexican Turkey Soup, Indonesian Rice, Cindy’s Best Bran Muffins
Janet Lockhart - Lockhart Mashed Potatoes, Oven Barbecue Beef, Impossible Seafood Pie
Doris MacDonald - Danish Puff
Harriette MacDuff - Spinach Dip, Pickled Green Beans, Easy Tomato Aspic, Pecan Specials, Snow Ice Cream, Candied Bittersweet Orange Peel
Melanie Marcy - Zucchini Haters Casserole, Swiss Green Beans, Chile Rellenos Casserole, Korean Style Short Ribs
Esther McAfee - Bran Bread, Mexican Fruit Cake, Toasted Pecan Taffy Bars
Cindy Medak - Taco Soup
George Miller - Snicker Doodles (Museum Society meeting special)
Lois Miller - Scalloped Spuds, Barbequed Meatballs, Fox Island Fruit Cobbler
Robert Mooney - Good Chicken
Georgia A Moore - Caesar Salad Dressing, Island “Clean-Up-Day” Chili, Hot Crab Souffle, Impossible Cheeseburger Pie
Doreen Murray - Rosy Pork Tenderloin, Hot Turkey Salad, 7-Pound Fudge
Helen Nelson - Veggie Pasta Salad
Suzie Nelson - Chinese BBQ Pork, Cabbage Salad, Veggie Pasta Salad
Helen Niesz - Zucchini Patti-Cakes, Taco Bake
Marian Niesz - Chinese Chicken Wings, Captain’s Chowder, Baked Chicken Breasts Supreme (serves 12), Corn Bread
Lillie Olsen - Pineapple Pasta Salad, Macaroon Dessert
Margaret (Maggie) Olson - Spareribs Barbecued Oven Style, Gingerbread - Quick and Easy, Holiday Punch for a Crowd
Helen Ost - Orange Banana Nut Bread, Danish Molasses Cookies
Win Paul - Huckleberry Coffee Cake
Caroline Perisho - Yorkshire Pudding (Includes a lovely to her history of this recipe), English Trifle
Lori L Peterson - Beef Stroganoff, Butter Cookies
Sylvia Powers - Artichoke Chip Dip, Bourbon Franks, Coconut-Cracker Snacks, Hot Chicken Salad, Cheesy Salmon Loaf, Crab Fu Yung, Ah - Sole, Crab Hero Sandwich, Banana Coffee Cake, Cherry Pie for a Crowd, Betty Melton’s Apple Pie for a Crowd, Hilda Baker’s Canned Apple Pie Filling, Good Punch, To Make Self-Rising Flour (1-lb), Eagle Brand Condensed Milk
Dixy Lee Ray - Bouillabaisse, Mussels Louisiana, Caramel Pie (Old Family Recipe)
Karen Reid - Parmesan Nut Sticks, Cream of Spinach Soup, Minted Green Peas
Marion R Reid - Fox Trot Zucchini Relish, Robles Del Rio - Salad Dressing for Fruit Salad, Basic Yorkshire Pudding, Salmon Loaf with Clam Cheese Sauce, Cheese Bread, Zucchini Bread, Rum Cake with Hot Rum Glaze - A Winner, Bourbon Applesauce Cake, Chocolate Zucchini Cake, Apple Squares, Orange-Onion Marmalade (for ham, pork or poultry)
Glenna Reimer - Smoked Clams, Salsa Dip, Cracker Jacks, Chalupa, Wilderness Torte, Real Fudgie Fudge
Susan (Robinson) Riese - Liver Pate
Mary Roberts - Molded Shrimp Salad, Bean Casserole, Party Bread Spread, Saltine or Mystery Cookies
Carol Robinson - Golden Baked Onions
Loie Robinson - Portuguese Bean Soup, Borsch, Pumpkin Bisque for 2, Spinach with Sour Cream, Slo Cook Chili, Sweet & Sour Ham, Peanut Honey Butter, Apple Chutney, Spiced Cranberries, Canine Cookie Bones (for dogs - beef liver, water, toasted wheat germ, whole wheat flour)
Annie Rosello - Shrimp Jambalaya
Sue Schoonover - Bev’s Italian-Style Spareribs
Barbara Schultz - Pizza, Barbeque Sauce, Salmon Quiche, Orange Cinnamon Waffles, Cloud Biscuits
Ginny Seeley - Hot Crab Dip, Celery Seed Dressing
Virginia Smith - Salmon Dill Mousse
Shirley Sowers - J’s Orange Salad, Frozen Fruit Salad, Fruit Salad Dressing, Mom’s Sour Cream Cinnamon Rolls, Grandma’s Crescents, Pecan Surprise Bars (A TNT winner), Rumaki by Microwave
Steve Sowers - Seafood Salad
Marjorie Stewart - Rhubarb Butter Crisp
Lois Stone - Dip for Sliced Apples, Puppy Chow, Potato Salad for 20 to 22, Vegetable Tapioca, Sunshine Omelet, Jewish Apple Cake, Almond Bark Cookies, Saltine or Mystery Cookies, Creamy Apple Squares, Microwave Fresh Tomato Soup
Jeanne Strickland - Chicken Corn Soup
Shirley Swint - 3-Bean Salad, Meat Casserole (corned beef), Shortcut Lasagna, Scotch Cookies, Excellent Sugar Cookies
Barbie Thorstad - Turkey Wild Rice Soup, Oriental Cole Slaw, Tasty Turnovers
Peggy Tillman - Micro Sloppy Joe’s, Microwave Chicken and Dumplings
Phyllis Tobiason - Spinach Salad, Another Apple Cake, I Can’t Believe It’s a Cookie
Sandi Tower - Pecan Specials
Chris Vik - Minestrone Soup
Bea Walker - Bea’s Butterscotch Sin, Elizabeth Fisher’s Cookies, Fishy Eggs
Frances Ward - Gelatin Egg Salad
B Watling - Eagle Brand Condensed Milk
Janet Werner - Almond Swiss Chard, Reuben Casserole, Beer-Braised Bratwurst, Old Country Spaghetti & Pot Roast, Microwave Mushroom-Lemon Fillets
Marge Whitaker - New Mexico Chili
Lynda Wickline - Broccoli Salad
Carolyn Wickstrom - Good and Easy Lemon Cake with Glaze, Orange Julius
Phyllis Wire - Tomato Aspic Salad, Savory Spaghetti Bake, Creamed Chicken & Shrimp, Cheeseburger Bake, Another Apple Cake, Carrot Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Fox Island Yacht Club -New Mexico Chili
No Name - Beer Bread, Char’s Banana Bread, Coconut Shortbread Cookies, Microwave Cherry Crunch, Microwave All-American Meat Balls, Crumb Mix (a homemade version of “Shake ‘n Bake”)

Condition: Very Good, and I checked EVERY page to enter all the names! (I include ALL names in ALL fundraiser-type cookbooks because I know how frustrating it is to hope and wonder if specific contributors are included in a book, only to find out they’re not, upon receipt.) Covers and pages are clean and tight to all 16 easy-turning plastic spirals. No tears, no chips, no writing or highlighting, no dog-ears, no defective spirals, no missing pages, very minimal edge wear to bottom covers near spiral area. Only a non-sticky mark on front upper right corner area where a tag may have been removed. Books are NOT from smoke-free or pet-free environment. Please see above THREE supersized images ... they are part of the description. Email with questions or requests.

Shipping: Buyer pays $4.00 (NOT for typical Media/Bookrate shipping NOR ANY handling fees!) ------------>>> Seller will add to your $4.00 and pay the extra dollars for upgrade to FIRST CLASS/PRIORITY that will include insurance, tracking number/info, faster delivery, and more gentle handling by the USPS than Media/Bookrate to better protect the plastic spirals on your keepsake.

Seize this scarce book for posterity, the descendants, future generations of those who contributed the recipes ... this legacy may be all there is! … Perfect as a gift for birthdays, Christmas, newborn grandchild or just to say “I love you and cherish the memories.”

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