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sunday's 10 a.m - 3 p.m. at the old east land mall ( flea market ) 5471 Central Ave, Charlotte, North Carolina 28212

1.) Phone 704.891.1462 If you have questions just call us. We're here to help.

2.) Clean power that is available every day of the year, even cloudy days.
3.) The potential of solar energy is beyond imagination.
4.) 25 years life, and could last for decades as well.
5.) Solar energy system will increase your home's value.
6.) Homes with solar panels sell faster.
7.) The majority of solar panels can produce eight to ten kilowatts of energy per square foot.
8.) Solar panels don’t need direct sunlight to produce electricity. However, direct sunlight produces the most energy.
9.) The earth receives enough sunlight in one hour to power the world for one year.
10.) Solar panels reduce your energy bills and continue generating value

Phone 704.891.1462 Any questions? Call me. Local pick up only. No tax. Save money with solar.

Solar Panel 100 - 120 Watt 12 V Poly
All Daylight Conditions, Corrosion Resistant, Portable
This panel features a high-efficiency design for more powerful operation. It also features poly module construction for greater durability and effectiveness. This solar panel weighs less than 20 pounds, so it is easy to maneuver and install

Weight 19.62 pounds
Width 118 mm
Height 2657 mm
Length 14 ft. 6 in.

High efficiency 100W 12V Polycrystalline Solar Module Panel W/ MC4
Anodized aluminum frames & high transparent low iron tempered glass , providing exceptional panel rigidity.

Maximum power (Pmax) 100W
Voltage at Pmax (Vmp) 17.2V
Current at Pmax (Imp) 5.81A
Open-circuit voltage (Voc) 21.6 V
Short-circuit current (Isc) 6.46A
Temperature coefficient of Voc -(80±10) mV/°C
Temperature coefficient of Isc (0.065±0.015)%/ °C
Temperature coefficient of power -(0.5±0.05)%/ °C
NOCT (Air 20°C; Sun 0.8 kW/m² wind 1 m/s) 47±2°C
Operating temperature -40°C to 85°C
Maximum system voltage 1000 V DC
Power tolerance ± 3%

39.84 inch × 26.57 inch × 1.18 inch / 1012 mm x 675 mm x 30 mm

The high performance cells are encapsulated in EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate) & placed between high transparent low iron tempered glass & a durable TPT
(tedlar-polyester-tedlar) back sheet. The panels are framed using heavy-duty anodized aluminum frames, providing exceptional panel rigidity.

Solar Panel Controller 30A DC 12V/24V USB LED Solar Battery Charge Regulator

--Charge Current: 30A; USB Output: 5V/2A Max; Battery Voltage: 12V/24V auto.

--Automatically manage the working of solar panel and battery in solar system.
--Overloading and short-circuit protection.
--Build-in short-circuit protection, open-circuit protection, reverse protection, over-load protection.
--Protection from lightning strike.
--Prolong the battery life cycle and keep the load work well.
--Easy to set up and operate.
--Suitable for small solar energy system.

Solar controller has specifically designed to meet the needs of the rural electrification market.
Rate charge current: 30A
Rated load current: 30A
Voltage: DC 12V/24V
USB output: 5V/2A MAX
Self consume: <10mA
Float voltage: 13.7V/27.4V(Adjustable)
Undervoltage protection voltage: 10.7V/21.4V(Adjustable)
Undervoltage recovery voltage: 12.6V/25.2V(Adjustable)
Solar panel voltage: ≤50V
Operating temperature: -35℃ to +60°C
Storage temperature: -40℃-70℃
Charging mode: 3 stage charge control(Direct charge, to enhance the charge, floating charge) Size:133 x 70 x 35 mm
LED display
PWM battery charging
All necessary protections equipped
Adjustable controlling parameter of the system
Suitable for Home, Industrial, Commercial etc.

1.The function of the controller is to protect the voltage overshoot and discharge.
2.When the battery voltage is too low, the controller to stop output; after the solar panels charging,
the battery will return to 12.6 v. It is a natural to output.
3.12.6 v is to restore the discharge voltage.
4.When the solar panels to recharge battery float charging voltage can be achieved. It will stop charging.
This is called overshoot protection.
5. After the battery discharge, the battery outside will flash, this is to remind the user,
the configuration is not reasonable, it need to take battery connection.
6.The controller normal voltage of 10.8 v to 13.7v. This two voltage fluctuation, you can be set manually
7.Make sure your battery has enough voltage for the controller to recognize the battery before first installation.
8.the regulator is only suitable for lead acid batteries:OPEN, AGM, GEL, not for nickel hydride, lithium, ions, or other batteries.
9.Let the children keeps far away from the storage battery and the controller.

System connection:
1. Connect the battery positive and negative to the controller.
2. True and negative load access to the controller, pay attention to can not be reversed.
3. Connect the solar panel to the controller correctly.
Note: Please follow the above sequence in strict order, otherwise it may damage the controller.
The disassembly order is the opposite of the wiring sequence.

Package Includes:
1 x Solar Charge Controller
1 x User Manual

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Solar 24V 120V DC to AC Power Inverter 800W

Continuous Power: 800 watt
Usage: Wind/Solar Power Systems, Battery
Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Peak Power: 1600W
Voltage: 24V
Type: DC to AC converter, Solar Panel Inverter
Efficiency: >90%
Over Load Over volt alarm: 30.5 V
Low voltage alarm, protection: 20.5 DC±1V
Input Voltage: 24 VDC
Output Voltage: 110 VAC, 120 VAC
Frequency: 60 HZ

CE/EMC Certified, Full Power 1600 W Peak 800 W Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter DC To AC Voltage Converter Transformer LED Display Iron Shell

-100% true sine wave output, Full power guaranteed.

-100% New Electric Components, Double-side PCB and imported Mexico FAIRCHILD MOSFET and Nippon ChemiCon Capacity.

-The wider case, the better for heat dissipation.

-Every component is distributed to rationality, greatly improving the reliability and service life of the inverter.

-All around protection greatly reduce the possibility of damage.

Product Detail Parameters:

DC Voltage 12V or 24V or 36V or 48V or 72V or 110V
Voltage Range 10-15VDC or 21-30VDC or 42-60VDC or 100-120VDC
NO Load Current Draw <0.6A
Efficiency >90%
DC Connector Cables With Clips or Car Adaptor
AC Voltage 100/110/120VAC or 220/230/240VAC
Continuous Power 800W
Surge Power 1600W
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Frequency 50HZ or 60HZ
AC Regulation 3%
Low Voltage Alarm 10DC±0.5V or 20.5DC±1V or 44VDC±1V or 100VDC±1V
Low Voltage Shut Down 9.5DC±0.5V or 19.5DC±1V or 42VDC±1V or 96VDC±5V
Over Load Shut Off Output
Over Voltage Shut Down 15.5V or 30.5V or 61.2V or 120V
Over Thermal Shut Off Output Automatically
Fuses Short Circuit
Working Temperature Between -10centi and +50centi
Working Humidity 20%~90%RH non-condensing
Storage Temperature Between -30centi and +70centi
Start Soft Start
Cooling Ways Cooling Fan
Total Harmonic Distortion THD <5%
Machine Size(mm) 240*175*95
Packing Size(mm) 355*230*155
Net Weight(kgs) 2.3 KG
Gross Weight(kgs) 3.3KG
Packing Type Carton Packing
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