Star Wars, Godzilla, Terminator, 2001 Space Odyssey, E T, War Of The Worlds, Matrix, Blade Runner

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Issue Date: September 2016
Features: Age Of Anxiety (15x10 of GODZILLA plus pic), 1951 (16x10 of MICHAEL RENNIE, 8x10 of PATRICIA NEAL & MICHAEL RENNIE), 1953 (2 8x10s plus pic of WAR OF THE WORLDS plus pic of GENE BARRY & ANN ROBINSON & LES TREMAYNE), 1954 (14x10 plus pix of GODZILLA plus pic of AKIRA TAKARADA & TAKASHI SHIMURA & AKIHIKO HIRATA), 1956 (16x10 & 12x9 of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS), 1958 (9x10 of VINCENT PRINCE & CHALRES HERBERT), 1968 (14x10 of CHARLTON HESTON, 14x10 of KIM HUNTER), 1968 (8x10 of KEIR DULLEA, 8x10 of GARY LOCKWOOD & STANLEY KUBRICK plus pic of GARY LOCKWOOD plus pix of 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY), A New Hope (14x10 of E T, 9x12 of KHE SHAN), 1977 (14x9 of MARK HAMILL & CARRIE FISHER & HARRISON FORD, 16x10 of IRVIN KERSHNER & ANTHONY DANIELS, 16x10 of DAISEY RIDLEY, 8x10 of MARK HAMILL & YODA plus pic of DARTH VADER), 1977 (16x10 & 10x10 of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, 14x9 of RICHARD DREYFUSS), 1979 (8x10 of SIGOURNEY WEAVER, 8x10 of HARRY DEAN STANTON plus pix of ALIEN, JOHN HURT), 1982 (16x10 & 10x9 of HARRISON FORD including pic with RIDLEY SCOTT), 1982 (14x10 of E T & HENRY THOMAS, 16x10 of E T & CARLO RAMBALDI, 14x10 of E T & DREW BARRYMORE), 1984 (8x10 of ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER plus pic fo TERMINATOR), 1985 (8x10 plus pic of CHRISTOPHER LLOYD including pic with MICHAEL J FOX), Reel To Reality (15x10 of THE MATRIX plus pic), 1993 (14x9 of JOSEPH MAZZELLO, 15x10 of JURASSIC PARK), 1999 (8x10 plus pic of KEANU REEVES), 2008 (12x10 of WALL-E), 2009 (14x10 of CHRIS PINE, 14x10 of STAR TREK II THE WRATH OF KHAN), 2009 (14x10 of AVATAR), 2015 (14x10 & 12x10 of MATT DAMON)
Smaller articles: Introduction The History Of Sci Fi Cinema (10x9 of LE VOYAGE DANS LA LUNE, 8x10 of THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN plus pix of ZOE PORTER, METROPOLIS)
Random photos: Title Page (8x10 of 2001 A Space Odyssey), Contents (14x10 of STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS), Just One More (8x10 of DREW BARRYMORE & STEVEN SPIELBERG), Back Cover (8x10 of METROPOLIS)
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