Personalized Christmas Stockings Embroidered Christmas Stockings

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Personalized Christmas Stockings Embroidered Christmas Stockings
These Christmas Stockings are 17 inches tall by 10 inches wide they are made from Vinyl Fabric, Shiny Purple Polyester fabric and Cotton fabric the decorations on the stockings are cut from white vinyl fabric and heat'n bond, cement glued, and heat pressed to the vinyl fabric to add decoration and more personalization to the stockings. The names are embroidered with surelock polyester thread and can be embroidered in any color. These stockings may be customized to your likings just message us details of how you would like your stockings made as well as the names you want embroidered on your stockings and we will do our best to assist you in the designing of your stocking.
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    The way personalize my design works is we create a temporary replicate of your design and place it on the actual items requested to be personalized to give our clients a realistic visual concept of what the product is going to actually look like once done. We will send you a picture of the temporarily replicated item in the colors, designs, and fonts requested for your approval along with a confirmation of the sizes, wordings, and materials requested to be used along with an additional attachment informing you that the item you are seeing is not the actual completed product but a sample of the actual item to be created, by doing this our clients will know exactly what the visual out come of the product is going to be before we finalize the actual item with permanent materials. This also gives the client time to cancel the order if they desire to do so before we start production, and a refund will be issued if one was collected upfront. Once the sample is approved if a payment is required upfront or accepted before production and the order is canceled a full refund will be issued to the client, Once the item has entered production status a refund can no longer be requested as the product is in production, and materials and stock is being used to complete the order. The client will receive a message via inbox when your product has entered production status and from this point a refund can no longer be requested. We do this to give the client the chance to make changes to there request and to give the client a realistic visual concept of what the product will actually look like before the design is created and the product is finalized. The actual product will be created exactly as shown in the sample, so each client knows exactly what the product is going to look like before its completed and received. Once the item is completed we will send you a picture of your completed product before we collect your payment if the payment was not required upfront. If payment has not already been received we will send you an invoice or set up a meeting time to meet in person for cash exchange. Because we have a step by step approval process we do not offer refunds on completed personalized items. These items are created according to your desire and can not easily be resold, nor can we be refunded for materials used during the production process, nor can any materials used in the production process be returned. We do how ever insure before finalizing your order that you understand this and that your product looks exactly as you requested before finalizing and creating the actual product through our step by step approval process.

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