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There are 5 Indicator 3 Templates

The Amazing ZUP PRO Pattern Trading Strategy will give you a whole new understanding of the price action. Our team at Trading Strategy Guides knows that the geometric patterns that can be found in nature, the same anomalies can be found in financial markets as well. This ability to repeat and create these intricate patterns is what makes the Forex harmonic patterns so incredible.

The Forex ZUP PROpatterns are complex patterns, but if you want to start somewhere with a simpler price action pattern

Analysis of the price patterns is included into the set of technical means of any successful trader. The proposed Zup indicator and its various options allow to find reversal harmonic models on the trading chart based on Fibonacci ratios and provide accurate signals to open positions.

In terms of technical analysis, the patterns displayed by this indicator are nothing more than a correction and a price reversal. The concept of “harmonic pricing models” (or GartleyPattern price patterns) was first mentioned in the book “Profit in the Stock Market”, released back in 1935 by an Englishman Harold Gartley. In the 90s of the last century, the mathematics of a purely graphical model dubbed “Gartley Butterfly” was finalized and tied to the Fibonacci sequence. It was found that variants of harmonic patterns perfectly fulfill reversal on all financial instruments and on all periods, but they are most effective on trending markets with a small “market noise”.

The methodology of trading on harmonic models is based on the principle of recurrence of patterns, which ensures high accuracy of forecasts of future price movements. Probability is higher if the actually formed pricing model is closer to the reference proportions. But most often, models appear on the market that are far from ideal, so let’s take a quick look at all the models and their market reaction.

Zup indicator automatically searches for all kinds of harmonic patterns, which greatly simplifies trading.

Mathematics and the principle of the indicator operation

Indicator as a reversal pattern has a very complex calculation algorithm, which is based on the Fibonacci levels. For the appearance of the graphic, stringent mathematical relationships must be met between the price parameters.

0.382/0.618/0.5/0.786/0.886/1.27/1.618/2.00/2.618, of which two are non-standard: 0.786 and 1.27 (the square root of 0.618 and 1.618). Another special value of 0.886 (fourth root of 0.618) was introduced by J. Kane specifically for Forex market.

Important: If a Butterfly pattern visually “flies up”, you should expect a reversal down from the top edge of the nearest “wing”. When the “wings” of the pattern look down, you have to hike up from the lowest point.

Model AB=CD (equivalent pattern): this model is basic that is included in all the models considered. There are two mathematical options:

first is 61.8/161.8: height of B to the horizontal line through C is 61.8% of the height from B to the line through A; the height from D to the horizontal line through C shall be 161.8% of the height from B to the horizontal C;
second is 78.6/127.2: it has a similar calculation but with different data.
Sometimes each “ray” of such a model on bigger periods consists of smaller independent patterns that can also be fulfilled as standalone models

Signal to buy

In any bullish pattern, the first opportunity to open: D on the market or a Buy Limit pending order. The second option (conservative, but more reliable) appears after the formation of a clear D – Buy Stop can be set (to the possible breakthrough of the trend line), or enter the market after a closed candle above the trend.

The stop is set under the indicator with the Fibo level of 78.6%. Take-profit: the goal No.1 is A, then (perhaps with trailing) we move across the Fibo levels.

Gartley butterfly (Pasavento butterfly or "ideal Butterfly" as an option): this model, like a nest-doll, has AB=CD pattern as part of its design with various additional parameters. Figures on the same timeframe are part of the same or different patterns on bigger timeframes.

Bat: versions of a butterfly – it is based on the ratio of 0,886 the distance to D, i.e. it has other “wing” proportions.

Crab: a very rare model, it differs from the ideal butterfly by small amplitude of the AB segment (not more than 61.8% XA, the optimal values are 38.2%-50%). “Deepwater” crabs are called models with the completion at the level of 161.8% and B above 50%. Its edges are used to set the take-profit, but the model is very dangerous to open a position.

Signals to sell

D is the first to enter on all bearish patterns, on the market or through a SellLimit pending order. More conservative entry is to put BuyStop after the formed D to the breakthrough of the CD trend line, or enter by the market for sell after the closed candle behind the trend lines (below).

The stop is just below (a few points) above the Fibo level of 78.6%. Take-profit: A on the pattern – the first profit-taking, and then – across the Fibonacci levels.

ZUP PRO Ratios
The indicator calculates all the important fibonacci ratios for the XA and BC vectors of the pattern, and plots them by the Point D if applicable.
Primary Ratios
Directly derived from the Fibonnaci Number Sequence.
- 0.618 = Primary Ratio
- 1.618 = Primary Projection
Primary Derived Ratios
- 0.786 = Square root of 0.618
- 0.886 = Fourth roof of 0.618 or Square root of 0.786
- 1.130 = Fourth root of 1.618 or Square root of 1.27
- 1.270 = Square root of 1.618
Complementary Derived Ratios
- 0.382 = (1 - 0.618) or 0.618e2
- 0.500 = 0.770e2
- 0.707 = Square root of 0.50
- 1.410 = Square root of 2.0
- 2.000 = 1 + 1
- 2.240 = Square root of 5
- 2.618 = 1.618e2
- 3.141 = Pi
- 3.618 = 1 + 2.618
Trade Execution
Once a pattern is detected, the following steps have to be taken, which can lead to take or discard the trade. Bear in mind that a pattern is not valid by itself and it can expand as long as it likes. Your job has an trader is to assess the validity of the pattern and the potential reversal zone before entering the market.
1. Pattern Recognition
This indicator auto-detects and alerts harmonic patterns.
2. Find the Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ)
Evaluate the fibonacci projections plotted on the chart by the indicator and look for strength signs. Can you find at least three converging projections? Do you see primary ratios? Is the AB=CD projection present?
3. Wait until the PRZ is rejected by the market
The PRZ can be tested and rejected by one single Terminal Price Bar, or the market can reverse and breakout the PRZ without testing all the fibonacci projections. In any case, the market has to move before you take the trade. You are a follower, not a predictor.

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Markets : Forex, Indicies, Commodities.

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