Leather Dye 12 oz. Aerosol Can Palomino

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Mercedes Benz Leather Dye 12 oz. Aerosol Can Palomino

Part number 000-9409-4C 0234

Aerosol cans cannot be shipped outside the continental United States!

If you wish us to ship dye outside of the continental US, then you have to order the quart/pint bottles.
- International Orders that includes aerosol cans will be automatically cancelled when processed.

Dyes for Leather, Vinyl, Carpet and Plastic

Our Classic Dyes are custom formulated to match automotive factory colors and are designed for re-finishing leather or vinyl surfaces. They are available as either 12 oz aerosol sprayable cans or in bottles to use for brushing or for other spraying instruments.

Classic Dyes can also refinish flexible plastics, such as dashes, consoles and kick pads. This is perfect for matching the color of this surfaces with the rest of your interior. A bonding coating will be required to use these dyes on plastic surfaces but the adhesion after using the coat is excellent.

These dyes can also be used on carpet. But they are best used only for restoring or refreshing the color of your carpet. A complete change of color, especially one that is far from the original is not advisable for carpet.

These dyes must be applied over a clean dry surface for full effect. A Tri-clean surface cleaner and a silicone remover or something similar is recommended after cleaning of the surface with some mild detergent. Before application, rough up the surface with a sandpaper or a scotch brite pad for best adhesion. All traces of any silicone must be removed from the surface.

One aerosol can is usually sufficient to renew the color of one seat. If you are making a complete color change (possible but not recommended as any future scratches may reveal the original color underneath) you may need 2 or 3 cans to completely cover the original color of your seat. One can of Tri-clean cleaner is normally sufficient for 2 seats.

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