Tualang Wild Honey 500g (On Fox News Msia's highly-beneficial Honey)

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Tualang Wild Honey

Content: 500g

Raw Wild Honey

Wild honeys are not processed and heated, and believed to have much obvious effect and energy than the commons. It is collected and filtered with traditional method, purifying the honey while keeping it natural.


These honeys are given the best care from farmers during the collecting and filtering process. They handle the bees and honey with heart to achieve sustainable production and guarding the purity of the honeys, presenting the best quality possible.


Tualang Wild Honey

Tualang Wild honey, harvest far up from the tall majestic emergent Tualang tree that can be found in lowland rainforest. Its lofty height of 250 feet provides natural guard for the Asian Giant Honeybee, Apisdorsata, which collect the strong character dark amber colour honey. Tualang Honey is also known as “Hitam Manis”, among the Malays and Indian as a traditional cultural healthy food. According to USM, preliminary study had shown its potential anti-bacterial and cancer treatment. (2005, 2010)


  • Increase Stamina and energy supply
  • Relief Sore Throat
  • Antibacterial
  • Improve Immune System

Nutrition Facts per 100g

Energy            352 kcal

Fat                      0%

Carbohydrate  87.5%

Protein            0.1%

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