Grapevine Foliar Spray Flavonoids All Natural 5.3 Gallons

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CropBioLife is a 100 % natural flavonoid-based spray, developed from naturally occurring bitter-orange extract.

CropBioLife has proven results on wine grapes from the Napa and Sonoma Valleys to the Finger Lakes in New York State. Our customers use CropBioLife to improve phenolics, raise brix, improve UV-b and drought resistance among many other benefits.

Some of the world's largest table grape growers use CropBioLife to improve the brix, finish, UV-b and drought resistance among many other benefits.

Wine &Table grapes:

Dose per acre: 3.5 ounces per acre.

Application 1: 7-10 inch shoot size.

Application 2: Cap Fall

Application 3: Pea sized berries.

Healthier vineyards can achieve:

Better color.
Higher brix.
More consistent ripening.
Improved phenolics in wine grapes.
Reduction in disease pressure.
Better canopy health.
Improved health = better resistance to pests.
Reduction in drought stress.
Increase in proteins and minerals.
Improved root health.
Improved resistance to UV-B stress.

CropBioLife-Bioflavonoid is ECCOCERT USDA NOP compliant.

5.3 Gallon Price $1,999.99

Flavonoids also have a role in plant stress defense; protection against damage caused by pathogen attack, in wounding or in excess of UV-light.

An economical way of promoting sustainable plant health.

A plant synergist created via a patented process that turns one of nature’s most concentrated sources of secondary plant chemicals (flavonoids sourced from bitter orange extract) into a stable, highly usable form.
The liquid concentrate when foliar applied signals “metabolic triggers” to activate photosynthetic enhancement. The process uses more sunlight energy and allows carbon compounds to increase the manufacturing of sugars, carbohydrates, and proteins to be transferred into the root zone.

Surplus carbon-compounds are excreted through the roots into the soil, which then serves as increased food resources for soil microbes.

Can be applied with any growing program.

Safe to spray up to harvest.

Neutral pH.

Contains 45% Organic Carbon.

Product does not contain citric acid.

What is CropBioLife?

CropBioLife is a 100% natural foliar spray that contains Flavonoids as its active ingredient. Flavonoids are secondary metabolites that have many beneficial advantages to plant function.

What benefit will CropBioLife have on my crop?
The benefits of CropBioLife vary by crop type.

Home and garden
Wine and table grapes
Vegetables and ground fruit
Field crops

How does CropBioLife fit in with other materials I use on my crops or plants?

Helps eliminate insect pests
Helps eliminate harmful fungi and weeds
Provides N-P-K critical for plant function and primary metabolite synthesis
Provides secondary metabolites directly to the plant that improve overall plant health
Improves primary metabolite uptake contributing to improved nutrient synthesis
Improves efficacy of pesticides

How is CropBioLife different from other sprays?

Many other foliar sprays (fertilizers) contain chemicals that are dangerous to the environment. Furthermore, many of them are simple variations of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous (NPK). The problem here is that even though NPK fertilizers are effective, it doesn't necessarily mean that that these nutrients are available to the plant.

CropBioLife contains flavonoids which are secondary metabolites that will help plants that are using fertilizers by improving nutrient uptake. CropBioLife also provides benefits beyond nutrient uptake by stimulating secondary metabolites (flavonoids) that are already in the plant. The combined benefit of improved nutrient uptake and more flavonoid activity leads to a much healthier plant - completely naturally.

The flavonoids in CropBioLife are 100% naturally occuring, extracted from the pulp of bitter oranges from Spain. We are organically approved in many countries around the world. Improve the health of your plants with absolutely no harm to the ecosystem.

What can I use CropBioLife on?
Anything with a green leaf - everything from grass to soybeans and strawberries to oranges. Excellent results with CropBioLife have been seen on literally 100's of different types of plants.

How does CropBioLife work?
CropBioLife is a foliar spray(liquid concentrate) that is mixed with water and seemlessly integrated into your regular spray program and appplied to plants and crops at very low concentrations.

CropBioLife action in plants
CropBioLife contains naturally occuring flavonoids that enter the leaf structure through the stomata. Once in the plant, flavonoids create, through biosynthesis, natural triggers to plant health. In essence, the flavonoids in CropBioLife stimulate the already existing flavonoids in plants which lead to improved plant health.

With improved health, the benefits realized with CropBioLife depend on the crop or plant that it is applied to. Click on a link in the 'What benefit will CropBioLife have' section above to review specific improvements on a variety of plant and crop types.

Some of the many benefits common to all plants are as follows:

Improved color.
Improved root health, nodulation, and exudation.
Improved soil biology.
Better fruit set.
Higher brix levels.
Improved resistance to UV-b stress.
Improved resistance to drought stress.

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