Sewing Machine Lead Power Cord X50018001 Brother Singer Bernina Baby Lock

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This cable is a suitable replacement for Part #X50018001 and many electronic devices including Singer Juki Brother and Pfaff Sewing Machines.

One end of the cable is flat so it can be inserted into your electronic device only one way.

***Please check the plug end of your machine to ensure it matches the plug end in the picture***

Length 6 Feet

(Quality 18 AWG - Quality Replacement)

Compatible with Baby Lock Sewing Machine Models:
BL137A, BL137A2, BL37, BC2500, BL40, BL40A (Grace), BL60, BL60E, X50018001 BL66, BL6600, BL67 (Audrey), BL137A2 (Sofia 2), BL200A (Elizabeth), BL500A (Jane), BL3800, BL6600, BL6700, BL6800, BL7500, BL7800, BL8000, BL8500, BL9500, BLG2-NZ, EAC, ESN (Encore), ESI, ESI2, EMI1, EM1, ESE, ESE2, ESE3, ESG, ESG2, ESG3, ESL, BL6700, BLCC2 (Crafter's Choice), BLDC2 (Decorator's Choice), BLL, BLL2, BLMR, BLMY (Melody), BLG2 (Ellegante 2), BLR, BLR2, BLSR, BLQC, BLQC2, BLCC (Crafter's Choice), BLDC, BLN (Esante), BLQ2, BLQC, BLQP (Quilter's Choice Pro), BLG (Ellegante), BLTP (Tempo), BLSO Ellisimo, BLSY, BLSR-EB, EM2, Ellageo, EM2, ESP (Espire), INT (Intrigue)

Compatible with Bernina (Bernette) Sewing Machine Models:
135, 145, 153, 155, 163, 165, 200, 120, 125, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200, 220, 230, 230PE, DECO 650, H70, 2500DCET

Compatible with Brother Sewing Machine Models:
845, BC-1000, CE4000, CE-5000PRW, CE-5500, CE-5500PRW, CE-7070PRW, CE-8080PRW, CP-6500, CP-7500, CS80, CS100, CS100T, CS770, CS4000, CS6000, CS6000B, CS6000i, CS6000T, CS8060, CS8072, CS8100, CS8150, CS8200, CS8080, DS-120, DS-140, DZ2400, DZ2750, DZ3000, DZ3400, DZ820E, ES2000, ES2200, EX-660, FS-20, FS-40, FS-40WT, HE-240, HS-1000, HS2000, HS-2500, HS3000, NC21-S2, NC21-S3, Innovis 40 (NS40), LB-6770, LB-6770PRW, LB-6800PRW, LB6810, Innovis 1000 (NV1000), NS80, NV2800D, NV500D, NV900D (Innov-ís 900D), NV950D (Innov-is 950D), NV4000D, NX200, NX400, NX400Q, NX400QE, NX450, NX600, PC210, PC210PRW, PC420, PC-420PRW, PC2800, PC3000, PC4000, PC5000, PC6000, PC6500, PC7000, PC7500, PC8000, PC8200, PC8500, PC8895, PE150, PE180D, PE200, PE300S, PE400D, PE500, PC8200, PC8500, PL1500, PL1600, PL2000, PL2100, PQ1300, PQ1500, PS1900, PS1950, PS2100, PS2300, PS2400, PS2500, QC1000, QS480, S62, SB7500, SQ9050, SE425, ULT2001, ULT2002D, ULT2003D, SC9500, SE-270D, SE-350, SE-400, SM6500PRW, SQ-9000, STAR140E, STAR130E, STAR120E, VE2200, XL3000, XR1300, XR1355, XR-4040, XR-7700, XR-9000 XR-9500PRW, Nouvelle 1500S

Compatible with Elna Machine Models:
740 (Excellence), 704DEX, 904DCX, 905DCX, 925DCX, 945

Compatible with Euro Pro, Shark Sewing Machine Models:
6015, 9015, 9105

Compatible with Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine Models:
1002LCD, 1003LCD, Designer Diamond, Designer Diamond Royale, Designer Ruby deLuxe, Designer Ruby Royale, Designer Topaz 40, Fresia 415, HuskyLock S25, Huskylock 560ED, Lily 555, Mega Quilter, Prelude 340, Quilt Designer 2, Sapphire 830, Sapphire 835, Sapphire 850, Sapphire 855, Sapphire 870 Quilt, Sapphire 875 Quilt, S15

Compatible with Janome New Home Sewing Machine Models:
2030DC, 2160DC, 3160QDC, 4120QDC, 49360, 8050, 11000, MC200E, MC7700QCP, MC11000, Skyline S5

Compatible with Juki Sewing Machine Models:
HZL-E61, HZL-E70, HZL-E71, HZL-E80, HZL-T100, TL-98E, TL-2010Q, TL-98Q, TL-98QE

Compatible with Pfaff Sewing Machine Models:
1471, 2010, 2012, 2020, 2025, 2027, 2030, 2034, 2044, 2056, 2124 , 2144, 2170, ambition 1.0, ambition 1.5, ambition essential, creative 2.0, creative 3.0, Creative 4.0, creative sensation pro, creative performance and expression 3.5

Compatible with Riccar Sewing Machine Models:

Compatible with Simplicity Sewing Machine Models:
SA2400L, SE2, SE3, SW240

Compatible with Singer Sewing Machine Models:
1, 160 Limited Edition, 2009, 2010 Professional (2009 Version), 4166, 5400, 5500 (New Version), 5625, 6160 Brilliance, 6180, 6199 Brilliance, 7256, 7258 Stylist, 7285Q Patchwork, 7412, 7422, 7424, 7426, 7430, 7436, 7440, 7440D, 7442, 7444, 7446, 7462, 7463, 7464, 7466, 7467, 7469, 7469Q, 7470, 8090, 8763 Curvy, 8770, 8780 (Curvy), 9100, 9940, 9960 Quantum Stylist, CE-150, CE-250, CE-350, Futura 4000N, H74, Quantum DSX2, Quantum L-500, Quantum LE, Quantum SX, Quantum SX100, Quantum XL5000, Quantum XL6000, SES1000, SES2000

Compatible with White Sewing Machine Models:
1740, 1750, 1780, 2235 & 2999.
    • Brand Brother Singer Bernina Baby Lock
    • Mfg Part # X50018001
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