Cloning Garage Door 433MHz Wireless Metal Remote Control Duplicator

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Remote Control Duplicator Description
Remote Control Duplicator, also known as self-learning remote or universal remote. Very simple to use and does not require much expertise. As long as at the same frequency, remote control chip can be copied is copied. You can quickly copy a variety of fixed code and learning code remote control. Just a few steps, you can combine two or more remote control integrated into a remote host. Remote Control Duplicator can copy most of the market for wireless remote control, such as home security remote control, additional anti-theft remote control car, motorcycle alarm remote control, electric car alarm remote control, remote control garage doors, electric door openers, Remote shutter doors, retractable door remote control, automatic barrier remote control, a variety of wireless remote control switch remote control, remote control and other industrial control equipment remote control wireless remote areas match. It is not suitable for automotive original remote control and rolling code remote control of the match.
The type of chip can be copied as follows: 2260 (eg PT2260, SC2260, LX2260, etc.); 2262 (such as PT2262
SC2262, LX2262, etc.), PT2264, PT2240 (LX2240), CS5211, HX2260, HX2262, HS2262, EV1527, HS1527, HX1527, SMC918, AX5026, SMC926, AX5326-3, FP527, HT600, HT680, HT6207, HT6010, HT6012, HT6014 , AX5326-4, HT6013, HT6013, HT12D and so on. Different chip manufacturers have different prefixes chip model, as long as the digital portion of the chip can be the same model.
Remote operating frequency is usually 315MHZ and 433MHZ. These two frequencies is the crystal frequency stabilization generally, also called fixed frequency remote control. 315M and 433M as the sound table. If you are a non-conventional frequency remote control, optional adjustable frequency remote control. Frequency (250 ~ 450 MHZ). If 318MHZ, 330MHZ, 390MHZ, 418MHZ, 430MHZ, etc. The remote control transmits a fixed frequency signal is stable and reliable; adjustable frequency remote control may be affected by the application of the application environment, and temperature changes resulting frequency drift is like. Buy adjustable frequency remote control, you need to consult with sales staff in advance whether this style remote control with adjustable frequency remote control of the stock. Otherwise require custom, custom delivery, quantity and price are negotiable.
Remote relevant parameters
1 Working voltage: DC12V
(2) Working Current: ≤ 8MA
(3) Operating frequency: 433MHz
4 Modulation: ASK (AM)
5 Transmit Power: ≤ 10MW
6 Transmission distance: 50 ~ 100 meters (open)
7 encoding type: Duikao (from Khao, self-learning type).
8 Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
9 Uses: remote control garage doors, remote control electric windows, burglar alarm, remote control switches, industrial control.
10 using the steps and methods:
Step 1: clean code
Two fingers while holding the remote control first key and the second key (above two keys) indicator flashes rapidly, then release your finger, press any key on the remote button, the indicator light indicates that clean code is not long success. (Flashes about once went out)
Step 2: Copy
In each hand a remote control, a remote control just to match, one simply Remote Control Duplicator. Two remote control tightly close, while holding the remote to match the remote control and copy the first key, see Remote Control Duplicator indicator flashes rapidly, release the hand press this key indicator light long after learning code indicates success . The same methods were replicated in a second key, the third key ...... thus similar push. If all copied successfully, after copying the remote functions and remote control key functions to be matched exactly.
Step 3: Use
If done correctly, it can be used directly. If not, or did not use a single button, the remote control code again after clearing again, copy
Operation process, the attention indicator light changes. If the problem persists, try a few times, check again chip and original remote control frequency, no problem and can not Duikao please contact us.
1. Select Remote Control Duplicator necessary condition: original remote control functions properly, the chip compatible with the correct frequency.
2. Remote Control Duplicator can only copy fixed code and learning code remote control chip (chip models see description paragraph).
3. Automotive original remote control, two-way remote control, rolling code remote control, IC procedures encrypted remote control can not be copied. Such as HCS200, HCS201, HCS300, HCS301 and so on.
4. Remote Control Duplicator, make sure the remote control existing code has been cleared. Otherwise, can not be copied.
5. In order to avoid interference during operation. Duikao away from all electronic signals, such as mobile phones, transmission products, such as wireless cat. Make sure your remote has enough power, Duikao two remote control as close as possible! Press and hold the button on the original remote control required to transmit signals completely normal,
Remote Control Duplicator and then press the button to ensure functionality is completely copied.
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