Arduino Starter Kit with Uno R3 Breadboard Jumper cables Senors ATmega328P

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All you need to Start using Arduino, many components to make many different projects!

There is a sample document for this kit, after you receive the package , please email to us for the document.

Note : This uno board is base in ATmega328P CH340G , Replace ATmega16U2.

Uno board Main Changes from the older version:

Add two rows of the holes for the pins. So it can be connected with normal Dubond line.
Add 3 rows of the holes for wiring.
Change the in-line package of ATMEGA328P to flat package.
CH340G Replace ATmega16U2

Package Include:

1 X Uno R3 Board (ATmega328P CH340G)
1 X USB Cable
1 X Breadboard
1 X Bundle Breadboard jumper cable(approximately 65pcs)
1 X Box
1 X Universal board
1 X Motion Sensor (Tilt Switch)
1 X Light Sensor (Photocell)
1 X LM35 Temperature Sensor
10 X Button
1 X Rotary Knob (Potentiometer)
1 X Piezo Buzzer/Speaker
1 X Relay
2 X 2N2222 NPN Transistor
2 X FET IRF540
2 X 1N4001 Diode (Rectifier)
2 X 1N4728 Diode (Zener)
2 X green LED
2 X red LED
2 X yellow LED
10 X 100Ω Resistors
10 X 220Ω Resistors
10 X 1 kΩ Resistors
10 X 2.2 kΩ Resistors
10 X 4.7 kΩ Resistors
10 X 10 kΩ Resistors
10 X 22 kΩ Resistors
10 X 100 kΩ Resistors
10 X 330 kΩ Resistors
10 X 1 MΩ Resistors

Please note we ship directly from our supplier in Asia to save cost
Normal shipping time 8-20 days
    • Brand HI
    • Mfg Part # UnoR3
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