On Hold ΦFine Jewelry Seed of Life Nous amulet Necklace 24k GOLD,Golden Mean 1.618 Orgone/Tachyon Phi*

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This is a Less thick version of the Seed of life Pendant instead of 15.7mm in width it is 9.7mm in width. The next ratio of the golden mean relative to the diameter of the pendant. This might be a more friendly width.


Here is the blue print to all the forms that form as creations, creations. The way vortex upon vortex come together to form , form. And also the way built up forms radiates its form back to non form. The complete mathematics to the way of the vortex/spiral is all right here for you if you wish to do some concentration. Golden ratio, PHI/Pi, and all the important number patterns and patterns of creation are all right here. This is the blue print of thoughts coming together to form , form or as form.

In biological forms the seed of life in terms of cell division is created when the first cell divides three times which forms eight total cells these eight cell remain with the biological form At its geometrical center throughout its entire life span. All other cells die and get replaced as anew, except these original eight.

Past more realized cultures were totally astute to what this symbol is and all its intricacy. Time is recreating its self and the beginning of those past cultures are now coming back around. Individual by individual.

When a consciousness becomes advanced enough to start consciously striving to acquire knowledge the seed of life allows that seeking consciousness to gain full knowing/consciousness of its self as illusioned form.

This is highly refined device/piece of eloquent beauty!! Completely and totally unique. You will not find anything like it/them on planet earth.

Dimensions and illustration

All Dimensions of this pendant are in golden ratio to all other dimension of the pendant(even the circles!), just as in anything nature creates and builds up (trees , plants, fruits, humans, animals, veggies etc.). This is the ultimate way nature attracts charge. It is The ratio that allows the building of momentum into ever greater images of thought. What charge you may ask??? It is the conglobation of Orgone or the one most primal force! and these pendants that i have created have all their dimensions built on this natural ratio of nature allowing charge to be accumulated and built up just as nature does. I know of no other modern Man made creation such as these pendants/devices. The past though does show representation that man used to create and give in this manner.
The way to Stay in golden ratio to a number is simple. Simply multiply or divide by the golden ratio(1.618) in order to get the next number of the ratio that is above or below the number that is being multiplied/divided.

Here are the set of ratio’s based off the main dimension( the diameter) of my pendants which is 1.618” inches or 41.09mm All other dimensions/measurements of the pendant fall in line with the table of numbers below which of course are A golden ratio of the diameter.
1. 1.618" inches or 41.0972mm(diameter of the pendant/amulet)
2. 1" or 25.4mm
3. .618" or 15.69mm
4. .381" or 9.7mm
5 .236" or 5.99mm
6. .145" or 3.7mm
7. .090" or 2.29mm
8. .055" or 1.4mm
9. .034" or .8mm
10. .021" or .54mm

Here are some of the basic dimensions of this pendant: For full description and Schematics of the Amulet see the Schematic link. You will then be able to see how each dimension falls in line to the diameter in perfect golden mean harmony!

DIA. = 1.618” inches 41.09mm

Width (W)=.381”inches 9.7mm (IF you divide diameter of 1.618 by 1.618 two times this is the quotient, a golden ration of the diameter)

Dept of cavity(DOC)= .23”inches 5.99mm ( diameter divided by the golden ratio 4x )

Wall thickness(WT)= See Schematics>>

Schematics: http://postimg.org/gallery/6gkbcerq/

These are a illustration of a similar pendant used to convey and specifically/show the dimensions in golden ratio to each other. The second illustration shows the crystal placement/locations in the pendants.

This is a short Video illustration/representation of this style of Fine made Jewelry! It shows just the shell of the pendant steps before completion.


This beautiful fine piece of uniquely crafted jewelry/pendant comes with:

-1x Velvet jewelry box

-1x ultra fine microfiber cloth for cleaning fingerprints!

-Comes with a .925 sterling silver Necklace

-Shipping insurance is included in the purchase price of these Fine Jewelry Pendants. This means the total/full value of the Pendant will be covered during the shipping and handling process. If anything happens to the Pendant during shipment you will be covered for the full amount/value of the pendant

Ending Note: The Quantum level is the level of creation where creation becomes/is basic enough to allow science to see/recognize that thought is what is directing and creating all that is. The reason this is not apparent on the physical level of humans 5 basic senses is because this level of creation is far more complex then the quantum(meaning it is a far more complex conglobation of thoughts) and requires a longer time duration in order to see the direct results thoughts have on the complex creations of the 5 sensed physical plane. None the less all things of creation are nothing more than thought built upon thoughs upon thoughts etc….. This is what My pendants are based on, Thought… The only creative force.

Please contact me if you would like a custom made pendant to your liking such a specific design coupled with a specific color or a totally new design. I will custom make your Fine Jewelry Amulet.
Learn a Few Facts about the Creator

Current personal big life goals:

Buying pieces of land throughout the Americas and creating fruit forest out of them one by one slowly but surely and allowing/giving the yields to locals or who needs for FREE!!!!

Some Facts:

- I water fast in-between 1/3 and ½ the year, that’s around 120 and 180 days a


- When I do eat it is raw fruits and vegetables

- I love to stare directly at the sun, moon. stars for long periods of time

- I go for walks across the mountain ridges, valleys and hills most every day. (Nature is my favorite place to be. Precisely on top of a mountain in peace and quiet, but you know I love all) I’m lucky enough to be able to walk up a mountain whenever I want.

- I love fire and water. Just sitting next to a fire, or bathing in a body of water

such as pure lakes, creaks, and streams.

- Birth date Dec. 30

- I don’t work in a normal everyday job per-say, and probably never will just

because I choose not to.

- I grow my own garden of fruits and veggies.

- I don’t drive any kind of vehicle just because I choose not to. (My form of

locomotion is my legs most of the time)

- I love mastering this body I am in this time around. (To state a few examples of

what I mean: for instance, training the body/mind to live without food and at the

same time being able to eat food whenever you want. Another example: training

the mind to not be attached to anything and at the same time loving everything

whole heartedly..

Thank you and enjoy the new colors of the rainbow that are flowing into this world/creation!

Feel free to confidently contact me with any offers

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