On Hold 125 Wild Purple Violet Rhizome/Bulbs- Fresh, Healthy, & Bare- Ready To Plant

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Up for your bidding enjoyment today are 125 Wild Purple Violet Rhizome/Bulbs. The bulbs that you will be receiving will all be freshly dug and healthy. The time that these beauties bloom out will depend on what USDA Hardiness Zone you live in, as it could vary from Early-Late Spring/Early Summer. They grow very well in USDA Zones 4-8, adapting well to their environment and have been known to grow in other zones as well.

Wild violets are low-growing clumping perennials, that feature a dense, fibrous root system. The leaves are heart-shaped, and often cup toward the petiole to form a funnel-like shape. Since wild violets adapt very well, they are a perfect choice for anywhere that you will be needing a ground cover. They look really well when planted beneath other taller growing shrubs or flowers. They can tolerate partial sun and shady locations, but have done very well in some of the sunny areas of our yard.

Wild violets are most often found in shady, fertile areas, where the soil is moist. The flowers usually begin to bloom out in mid-May, and are usually violet colored, but can sometimes vary from deep-blue-violet to completely white. You can easily spread the wild violet plants by transplanting the rhizomes/bulbs or planting the seed. They require very little maintenance, which make them great for anyone who is new to gardening or doesn't have the time for a lot of maintenance.

These rhizome/bulbs will be wrapped carefully, in moist packaging to keep the root ends moist and ensure that they survive their travels while in shipping. They really don't require regular waterings, as in most cases, there is usually enough rain in the spring so that they won't need much along the lines of watering.... unless of course you have had a dry late winter/ early spring. Be sure to not over water them, as it could result in the bulbs rotting. They would make a great addition to any landscape or flower garden and are very low maintenance.

Also be a great beginner plant for anyone who is new to gardening as they are not hard to raise. The bulbs that you will be receiving have the roots and the green leaves already grown out. They will vary in sizes as well, as I dug these bulbs up to transplant them into new flower beds and other areas in the yard to space them out a bit. They spread very well and will grow out very quickly. You can even add mulch around the base of them to make them stand out more and to also hold in moisture during the dry periods.

What a great inexpensive way to invest in some beautiful wild violets that can be enjoyed during the growing season. They will not only add beauty to your flowers gardens, but color as well. These would look great when planted among other plants, and shrubs as they offer a pleasing visual effect by the beautiful violet blue colored blooms, as they bloom out beneath taller growing plants.

This would be a great deal on flower bulbs for your yard or garden. There's plenty of bulbs in this listing to share with family, friends, and neighbors. These bulbs are ready to grace your garden or landscape for many years to come. Don't miss out on this opportunity of savings!! Thanks for viewing our listings and May God bless!! Please keep checking out our listings, as there will be more to come in the weeks ahead. HAPPY e-BAYING!!

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