ETHANOL E85 8 cylinders ev1 plug connector

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This Auction is for a 8 cylinders e85mix kit With a EV1 Bosch Adapter !!!
Whe have 4 cylinders conversion kits too!


* Fits in ANY electronic monopoint or multipoint port fuel injection system.

* Works with injector connectors of any polarity.

* Works with any signal type: by -12V and by +12V.

* Compatible with variable displacement engines with cylinders deactivation.

* Can be installed to 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6, or 8 cylinder engines.
1- 8 cylyinders kit and one 4 cylinders E85MIX KIT will be required for 10 or 12 cylinder engines.
* Automatic cold start function with temperature sensor !

* New formula for very accurate calculation of the injector pulse length using injector lag time !

Easy installation:

* No wire cutting or soldering required: just attach to the stock injector connectors.

* Can be installed and removed quickly and without leaving any identifying changes in the engine and wiring.

* No testers or scanners required for installation.

* Polarity or type of signal is handled automatically, no need to check or adjust manually.

Easy using:

​* Automatic cold start function with temperature sensor !

* Automatic mode.

* Very simple user interface.

* Service menu for advanced users: no need to use additional devices for fine tuning.

Accurate adjusting:

* Fully digital - microprocessor inside.

* Accurate adjusting - 1% step, no knobs or potentiometers.


* Auto and Manual modes: you still can drive on E85MIX KIT even if your oxygen (lambda) sensor is damaged.

* Sealed waterproof case.

* Sealed waterproof injector connectors.

Auto mode: there is no need for any attention from the driver. The fuel injection system is automatically adjusted for the fuel that is being used (gasoline, E85, or another mixture) by the stock lambda sensor.

If there is no lambda sensor, if the sensor is damaged, or if the ECU cannot handle the automatic adjustments for any other reason, the fuel mode can be changed manually. There are 3 presets available: Gasoline, E70(Winter blend) and E85.

The E85MIX KIT has 4 independent channels and may be used with monopoint, sequential, or semisequential injection systems. It can handle from 1 to 4 cylinders. For 5, 6, or 8 cylinders, second E85MIX KIT will be required. Three E85MIX KIT will handle 10 or 12cylinder engines. Please contact me regarding the connection diagram for your monoinjector car before buying.

The Cold Start function is used for starting a cold engine in extremely cold weather. (No additional wiring is required in the cabin or the engine). The adapter will inject more fuel for starting and during the first one minute warm-up of the engine. This will accelerate warming time and increase driveability on a cold engine. This function enables an engine to start at -25°C (-13°F) with E85 fuel easily.

All the presets and the cold start function can be adjusted from the service menu. Please consult the user manual for more details. There is no need to use a computer or external device for adjustment.

This model of E85MIX KIT cannot be installed on direct fuel injection engine models such as the FSI, GDI, and others.

Plug and Play conversion kit for using various biofuels in conventional fuel injected gasoline engines.

Version 4.0

Supported fuels include pure ethanol, E85, and other blends of ethanol and gasoline.

This kit can be installed in 10-15 minutes by a professional automechanic or a handy car enthusiast.
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