Genital Wart Remover – Wart Remover, Skin Tag, Mole – 25ml pharmaceutical grade

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This auction is for 25ml of pure Genital Wart Remover supplied in a 25ml HDPE bottle, enough for 100+ applications.

Please note this auction is for 25ml not a small 8ml or 10ml bottle!

Warts are growths on the skin caused by a virus known as human papillomavirus (HPV).


I am an industrial formulation chemist by trade and have derived a pure grade of Genital Wart Remover which uses pharmaceutical grade TCA (trichloroacetic acid) and distilled water as the only ingredients. There are no chemical preservatives or additives.

This formulation is for the treatment of embarrassing Genital Warts, standard Warts and skin tags. Each purchase is confidential and no feedback will be left unless specifically asked for from the buyer.

The formulation will be sent in a bottle marked only as 50% TCA and sent in a plain white jiffy bag with no distinctive features.

This is the strongest remover which is available without a prescription and this is the exact solution used in clinics.

The formulation exfoliates the outer epidermis (skin) layer, hence removing skin growths. A fresh, healthy layer of skin is then exposed.

Directions for use

Initially protect the surrounding, healthy skin around the growth with a suitable topical ointment (such as Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly). Take a fresh cotton bud and soak the bud in the formulation and then apply to the problem growth. Leave for 2-4 mins, frosting will appear on the growth; this is the peeling action due to the formulation. After this time, rinse the problem area with plenty of warm water and apply a topical ointment to protect the newly exposed skin. After 4-7 days the growth should have been removed. If it is still visible then repeat the procedure.

Remember – The tissue from the cotton bud contains living wart virus, so dispose of the cotton bud carefully. It is best to seal the used cotton bud in a plastic bag and throw immediately in the rubbish bin to avoid the Wart Virus begin spread.


The 25ml of Gential Wart Remover treatment will be supplied in a 25ml HDPE heavy duty bottle with the label 50% TCA only. The bottles will be sent in a strong white Jiffy bag with no distinct features.


The item is shipped from the UK, please allow 10-14 days delivery time to the USA. 5-7 days shipping to Europe. 14-21 days shipping to the rest of the world.

Health and Safety

I hold an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for compositions used in the formulation and it is available on request as a pdf file which I will send to you. All my products come with the appropriate labels indicating correct handling and safety.

Happy Bidding.

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