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Inda Gro ESC Treatment 128 oz. 1 gal concentrate makes 64 gallons - treats 1,024 plants.

ESC Treatment is not a nutrient but a highly concentrated Anionic Linear Polyacrylamide liquid solution that contains a wetting agent for faster water penetration and vitamin fortification to reduce shock and balance soil conditions after initial use. A single application at germination, or in early plant development, creates a breathable membrane that will envelope the roots to maintain nutrient levels, reduce watering, repel salt and prevent nutrients from leaching away from the root zone during successive feedings.

With increased photosynthetic activity comes an increase in Daily Water Use (DWU) and nutrients. In the interest of bringing both energy and water savings together we offer ESC Treatment as an Enhanced Substrate Conditioner which promotes robust root development in both soil and soil-less mediums. When using ESC Treatment you'll optimize photosynthesis by improving nutrient uptake and reducing your watering schedule.

Other benefits include:

•Non-Toxic – Food Grade - 100% Biodegradable

•Dramatically reduces transplant shock

•Will not leave any residue in soils or mediums

•Reduces DWU by a minimum of 25%

•Reduces fertilization by a minimum of 35%

•Decreases times to harvest

•Won’t absorb salt – Reduces build ups

•Silica stays on the root longer and won’t breakdown as rapidly

•A single ESC application will treat flowering plants that finish in less than 9 weeks.

ESC Treatment is a fast acting, non-toxic, food grade, 100% bio-degradable Polyacrylamide/Thiamine (B1)

surfactant that will increase root and bio-mass by maintaining moisture and nutrient levels within the root

zone. By creating a membrane of sorts, which prevents pass through of water and fertilizers by holding

them to be taken in as needed while preventing fertilizer leeching with each subsequent watering.

ESC Treatment penetrates the medium up to 18” deep to add billions of tiny ‘tubular sponges’ to your

medium, which are shaped in such a way as to excite root development. Once the roots grow into the

tubes they get water and food as needed, thereby reducing the shock from low and high water periods.

This leads to sustained growth as the plants are better able to utilize the available nutrients and water.

ESC Treatment may be used on established plants, however optimum benefits are achieved when applied at initial planting or early cycle stages and will:

Reduce daily water use by a minimum of 25%

 Reduce fertilization by a minimum of 35%

Enhance germination, growth and yields

Decrease times to harvest

 Dramatically reduces transplant shock

 Won’t absorb salt – Reduces build ups

 Will not leave any residue in soils or mediums

 Silica stays on the root longer and won’t

breakdown as rapidly and allowing plants to

uptake 90-95% of the silica and other nutrients.

ESC requires only a single application if treating flowering plants that finish in less than 9 weeks.

What makes ESC Treatment different from other products that contain Polyacrylamides?

Polyacrylamides (PAM) products have been in use for soil erosion and water retention applications for

many years. These products consist of long chain molecules that, when wet, develop into spheres

absorbing many times their weight in water. They are unable to absorb nutrients and due to their mass,

actually act to inhibit root development. Additionally, the application methods tend to be cumbersome,

suffer from high peak failure rates, and congeal to clog up irrigation systems.

Mixing Rates: Do not over mix. This can cause excessive gel to form around the roots. Maintain proper

PH levels based on medium: Soil-Less (5.6-5.8) Soil (6.0-6.3). Do not over agitate ESC by mixing with

blenders. Gently turning the bottle upside down once or twice will mix the ingredients. Over agitating will

cause excess foaming. After initial ESC treatment allow 1 hour before resuming watering or feeding


ESC Treatment is a proprietary, highly diluted PAM blend that utilizes short cross chain molecules that are

both hygroscopic and hydrophobic in nature. This means that unlike long chain PAM molecules, which

inhibit root development, our polymer membrane simultaneously attracts water and nutrients while

repelling up to 90% of the salt buildups that occur naturally as mineral based fertilizers break down.

ESC Treatment is completely safe for all mediums and micro ecology such as mycorrhizal fungi as it works

with beneficial bacteria to promote a healthy ecology that will benefit all stages of plant growth.

Soil Applications: Mix 59 ml (2 oz.) ESC to 1 gallon (treats 16 plants) of pure RO water. Dispense on soil

directly above the root mass area and where the root mass will develop. Dispense ESC starting at the stalk

working in an outward circular fashion for future root development.

Hydroponic Applications: Mix 59 ml (2 oz.) ESC to 5 gallons of pure RO water. When applying ESC to

Hydroponic gardens hand water ESC directly onto medium over roots. Do not add ESC to the reservoir.

Allow 1 hour after initial ESC before feeding or watering.

Rooting Plugs/Cubes, Cuttings and Seedlings: Dilute ESC @ 12 ml per gallon pure RO water. Submerge

roots in solution or pretreat cubes in diluted ESC for 30 minutes prior to use.

Storage: UV light will cause the product to be broken down. Cover and store excess in a safe dark

environment between 40-100° F. Product shelf life is 10 years when properly stored.

Disposal: Dilute and pour any unused portions of ESC around trees or shrubs. Rinse bottle and recycle.

    • Brand Ind Gro
    • Mfg Part # ESC Treatment
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