Hand-carved, black onyx bracelet, men preferred diameter of about 62 mm, width 24 mm, 9 mm thick

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Material: agate type.
Shape / bracelet type. Bracelet. Bracelet.
Size of the area, diameter about 62 mm, about 24 mm in cross-sectional width. 9 mm.
Transportation - China Post Air Transport (10-28 Days Delivery)
Perfect hand-carved,
- Country of Origin: China.
- Color: as shown.
- Condition: Excellent.

(Natural stone, no two exactly the same suit)

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Bracelet hand wheel width
62 mm, 66 mm diameter 50-52 mm
Six 6 mm -70 mm 54 mm Diameter 52 mm,
70 mm -74 mm, 56 mm and 54 mm in diameter
74 mm -78 mm diameter, 56 mm, 58 mm
-82 Mm, 78 mm, 60 mm diameter, 58 mm
82 mm -86 mm, 60 mm, diameter 62 mm
86 mm -90 mm, 62 mm diameter, 64 mm
90 mm -94 mm, 64 mm - 66 mm
94 mm, 66 mm -68 mm diameter 100mm


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Agate. Color: black! [! Material: agate! ]

Brief introduction
High quality agate bracelet. Successful man selection. Long-term wear. Prove your noble temperament, extraordinary charm, detached calm. Fitness, beauty. Wear collection, sharing gifts

Agate, seven treasures of Buddhism, can help strengthen the body's connection to the earth. It provides courage, energy, strength, eliminate fear, improve self-confidence. Agate is used to resolve grievances and treatment of pain is considered a stone of harmony, it is helpful to better coordinate the relationship between the stones. Agate also enhances creativity and intellectual stimulation. It is said to bring good luck.
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