Chionanthus Retusus / FRINGE TREE - 10+EXTRA SEEDS

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Chionanthus Retusus / Fringe Tree

GENUS - Chionanthus
SPECIES - Retusus
COMMON NAME - Fringe Tree
PLANT TYPE - Large Shrub
LEAF / FLOWER COLOR - Green / White

The billowing, wispy, white flower clusters of Chinese fringe tree bring a magnificent touch to the spring landscape. Native to eastern China, Korea and Japan, this deciduous plant grows as a shrub naturally but can be trained as a small tree if lower branches are removed. Taking a while for new spring leaves to emerge, the bright green oval foliage has slightly lighter colored undersides that can be hairy.
Plants are either male or female, with fruits forming only from female blossoms, although individual trees may have flowers of the other gender in low numbers. After pollination by bees, loose clusters of blackish blue fruits dangle from the branch ends, and are a treat for songbirds. By the start of summer, the leaves are a deeper green, and some plants may have leaves of more leather-like texture. The fall foliage is yellow, and in warmer regions, the leaves may not turn as yellow while remaining until the winter solstice. The bark is gray and exfoliating and with age the plant's bark becomes corky with furrows in gray and brown.
Grow the Chinese fringe tree in full sun to partial shade in any average soil with decent drainage, regardless of pH. This is a remarkably easy-to-grow plant and is a breathtaking plant for the garden either as a mounding shrub or picturesque, aged small tree. In coldest reaches of its hardiness zone, it will grow more slowly, likely remaining in a shrub form, and in mild winter regions, expect it to be a bit faster and larger in habit. Use it as a focal plant for a corner of a building, in the mixed border, in an open wooded area, or next to a patio where its fragrance can be enjoyed from nearby. (source:

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