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This is what you need to begin to feel better in your life. If you think you already feel great, just wait until you experience the energy raw and living foods supply. Champion athletes are hiring raw chefs. Schools and health institutes are charging hundreds upon thousands of dollars to learn how to prepare raw & living foods because people who regularly and proportionately eat of raw and living foods experience a lessening of their aches and pain, no matter the cause. This book not only gives you hundreds of recipes (guides) and variations but allows an understanding so you are taught how to be a raw chef; your own best possible raw chef.

The journey into a life containing raw and living food continues with lessons on why you need to eat of whole produce recipes using organic and/or home grown food in order to thrive. Learn how to use produce to benefit the quality of your skin and the sheen of your hair. Food belongs on as well as in you. :-]

Wean yourself from fizzy drinks, imitation flavors, and sugar laden ‘foods’ which can hurt you, addict you, and make you fat because the added chemicals can block your natural ability to feel sated. Some of the added chemicals are capable of actually hurting your immune system and vital organs. Use herbs and nuts and fruit for delicious and extraordinary means to keep your body and immune system protected and healthy.

Learn about the philosophy of raw and living food and how it can work for you. Come along to a table of meals made of mostly whole vegetables.

Energy, vigor and joy are your birthright. Please allow this series of books to help you in order for you to more easily retain and/or reclaim what is rightfully your own to keep.

Table of Contents



Air Freshener
Exfoliant, Dry Skin Care & Body Rub ~ 6 Options
Face Masks – 7 Options
Hair Care – 8 Treats
Pooey on Preparation H Along with a Simple Salad
Butt Butt Butt - Easing Movements
Mom Nature’s Drano – A Sore Throat Fix


Where is it?
Yes, We Have No Bananas
Where's the Flax?
The USDA Food Pyramid
Cross Connections: Big Pharma & Pesticides
Paying More for Crappy & Cheaper Additives in Food
For Whom or What Does the FDA Work?
The Biggest Addiction Ever
The Tampon Revolt
The Politics of Food: The White Knight is the Black Knight in This Chess Game ~ Less Nutrition While Adding Bleach & More Processed Salt
Which What Owns Which What (Charts)
An Afterwards Before
What Comes Next

Book will appear in your email account as a PDF within 72 hours of payment. Although my price is firm, you may, at this time purchase any two books for $15 and a Bonus Book comes with my compliments if one of those books is the Introduction to Raw & Living Foods. Or you can buy all the books together for $28 total.

Thank you and best healthy wishes from Kathy, aka Raw Maven
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